FO: Size SM Knitting Needles Bag!

Finally finished! This bag is smaller than my first one. This bag measures 20" wide along the bottom edge, 10" tall includes the bamboo US15 needles, and the icord handles are a 12" drop.

I used 3 hanks of Noro Transitions, purchased on sale at Ebay.
Click here to read my notes if you care to learn more about the knitting process I used.

Noro Transitions is rated a “super bulky” weight yarn. I used one strand throughout.

Really cute, Dollyce!

Thanks, Jan! I was teaching a Knitting 101 class tonight and I was so pleased to have theses two bags to lug my various tools, yarn samples, and swatches!

Plus, a year or so ago I knit a large Noro felted bucket bag, and filled it with my scarves, hats and neck warmer samples!

This bag just makes me smile. I love the color transitions and the overall design. I-cord works well for the handles too.

Love the colors! This pattern works well in both sizes. Bet your students were impressed.

It’s lovely! I love the colors.

Thanks! I really got lucky when I found Noro Transitions at all, let alone in a colorway I adore! [B]And on sale, too…with free shipping![/B]

On top of that, I had some money stashed in my Paypal acct from selling yarn to Ravelers! So my Noro Transitions only nicked my chk acct for a few dollars that my Paypal balance was shy of.

I found the bamboo needles at Amazon for $9. Sweet.Sweet.

Just adorable, ArtLady. Beautiful yarn and beautifully done. Love the knitting needles and the pretty button too. :heart: