FO-Sister's shawl

okay this took a lot longer than I expected but it’s done! YAh

That’s pretty! She’ll love it!

What a beautiful shawl. Can you take a close-up picture of it? I’d love to see the pattern better.

I bet your sister will be thrilled with this!!

Great job!

That is beautiful! :yay:

okay here is a closer look at the pattern

It’s lovely and gorgeous colors too!!!:inlove:

Thanks for posting the close-up! I LOVE it!!

Did you spin the yarn yourself? Either store-bought or hand-spun and dyed, this is a real treasure!

I have to confess that I am not a shawl person but I love the colours. It looks very warm and cozy.

I bought this wool…baby Alpaca from Peru!! It was soooo pretty, I couldn’t resist. I was gonna do more fringes but decided it looked better just as is. I have to get going on some baby hats and booties…I got a lot of mommies waiting…:cool:

beautiful work and I love the color !