FO * Sissy's 2nd Sweater

Good MOrning!

Here is Sissy’s second Sweater I mdae. It’s her FOOTBALL SWEATER. It’s in the CINCINNATI BENGALS Colors!

What do you think???[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

[COLOR=black]Very fashionable. She will be the best dressed doggie on the block![/COLOR]


Thank Youn KnotMaker!!!

I think I have TOO MUCH fun knitting clothes for her. She is the little girl we didn’t have. So you might say she is a LITTLE spoiled.


It suits her.

I bet you spoil her so much!

She looks so pretty and I think she knows it!!!

That is very cute! I love the lower hem :slight_smile:

Such a cute puppy.

My kitties never want to play dress-up!

How darlin’ she is!! :muah:Best dressed girl in town I’m sure. I love making sweaters for my toy poodle, Ginger. HOWEVER, she hates them! :grrr:Has an absolute FIT-growling, snarling, snapping. Then if I do manage to get the sweater on her, she just sits like a lump–YES, I knit paralyzing sweaters:teehee:


[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Song BIrdy,
Thank You!

The edging I put on the hem is just edging that I like. It’s called the BASIC WAVE. I got it out of a library knitting book.

I just made the edging and seamed it on to sweater.



so cute.



Thank You So Much!

Purly Girl,

Poor doggy has to wear TIGHT sweaters. LOL


Thank You!


I’m pretty she knows it also! but she’s so lovable!

Thank You!



oh how cute!!! :happydance:


I have had some people ask me how Imade the little ruffle / wave on Sissy’s sweater. The pattern did not call for it. But without it, it looked kind odf plain. So I justr turned to my edging book. And here is what I did.

I knit this and seamed it to the hem of her sweater.

O.K. Here is the basic Ruffle that I used on Sissy’s sweater. ( The hem ot it.)


You cast on TWICE the number of stitches that you want to end up with. In other words, If you want to end with 60, you cast on 120 stitches.

Row 1. Cast on twice the # of stitches you want to end up with.

Row 2. Work in St. st. to the desired length of the ruffle ending with a purl row.

Row 3. K2tog accross the entire row. You end up with HALF the stitches you cast on.

Hope you can all use it![/B]

Yes, definately tiger colors. Cute… doggy and sweater. Sissy can wear about anything with her white coloring. Lucky dog. :slight_smile:

That is adorable. What pattern did you use? I need something for a tiny dog.