FO: Sirdar Foxy wrap scarf

My FIRST finished object in 20 years! A gift for my mother for mothers day (which was in March here in the UK!). I also made a card to give to her with it, which includes washing instructions inside. The card is the second picture (knitted on bamboo skewers, which I then cut down and glued a bead on each end!)

:cheering: Congratulations & great job!

Very nice! Clever card, too!

Ooh la la! :inlove: Your mom will be greatly blessed, I’m sure! :thumbsup:

Oh how cute! Scarf looks fuzzy and warm. What a good daughter you are :heart:

:smiley: Very lovely scarf…I know your mom loved it. I just love your card, too…very ingenius :wink:

grin well, she won’t get it till Saturday when I pick her up from my Aunt’s in the south of England! I’m rather late for Mothers Day - several previous attempts resulted in dropped stitches that were impossible to pick up (I decided to wait and try to pick them up when I’m more experienced).

I really can’t wait to see her face I think she will about faint! She keeps saying “so which mothers day is this scarf for?” :roflhard:

Very nice! I love the card – what a creative idea!

Very nice - glad you are back at it!!!

Those are great!

Hah this was a while ago… I need to post pics of my Lucy and I’m currently working on that Lacey Scarf. I ordered a yarn from that Turkish company - not wool but some synthetic Fancy type wool that I thought would look nice As it turns out it just wasn’t working for me at all.

I then picked up a cone I have of Colourmart UK Cashmere and wasn’t sure it would work in that either - its a two colour yarn fingering weight. However, it seems to be working. I should photo it and post pics of the WIP but the wool is oiled so it doesn’t look that nice. I’m hoping it comes up well and blooms after first washing. They do say to knit with it then wash as it blooms better then.

I also just ordered some indiecita alpaca from Webs, they seem to say they will now ship abroad so waiting for them to respond and say its ok. I will do the scarf again using that.

I’ve made a line of mistake in the scarf so far but its hideable and I didn’t have a lifeline in :doh: so I couldn’t undo it. However the pattern is easy enough to follow and its turning out ok so far :slight_smile:

I made pocketbook slippers too - OK so really I DO need to get the camera out; I’ll do that over the next couple of days :slight_smile:

How wonderful, Mulene! I love the scarf and the card. How smart!

I must also say that your photo of the scarf reveals that you have very nice facial skin. What do you use for skincare?


I mean you want me to answer honestly?

I don’t use anything lol bit of soap and water and sometimes in a rush I’ll use tesco own brand facial wipes. I have a bad habit of forgetting to put moisturiser on in the mornings, and working in London this is not a good thing! City grime is horrible for skin, if I forget to put it on I end up washing my face as soon as I get into the office. Generally I use Nivea oil free moisturiser, or a superdrug own brand - anything oil free is good for me.

I think that was a good day when I took that pic, but I have to say this diet I’ve been doing has done wonders for my skin tone and look. I’ve stopped losing weight on it though (stupid body has decided it’s not shifting any more for now) but overall since starting this I’ve had vastly improved health and people do occasionally comment on how healthy I now look.

I stopped wearing make-up every day when I was around 21 / 22 - I used to not leave the house without it, then I was travelling and in Australia and it was just too much hassle in hostels to slap on the face every day. Now when I do go out, the only make up I wear is Benefit. I highly recommend their products, especially Dr Feelgood (a skin smoothing balm that goes on before foundation containing vitamin C to help skin tone), Lemon-Aid and bluff puff powder, high beam and brow-zings. I also adore Benetint - so versatile! I think not wearing make-up every day has helped my skin to not be clogged up.

For a very long time, I didn’t take good care of myself at all - its a really long story, but my opinion of myself was (and still can be at times) very negative so I just didn’t bother to look after myself much. It’s quite a shock to have someone say my skin tone looks good :oops: thank you =D It’s definately down to the change in diet, my manicurist keeps trying to get me to have one of her Dermalogia facials and suggesting collagen or botox injections LOL I hate needles so that is never gonna happen :rofling:

Well, ignore your manicurist and keep doing what you’re doing. Your skin is in great shape. I wish mine looked that good.

I have SUPER sensitive skin and a skin condition called “rosacea”. So that means I break out from absolutely EVERYTHING, and I have this awful redness all over my face and neck. I can’t stand it.

Little kids will come up to me sometimes and say, “Why is your face so red?” Even adults will do it.

Sometimes I get tired of explaining, so I just say, “That’s just the way it is.”

You are very blessed to have such a peaches and cream complexion.

Aha! I have heard of “rosacea” but don’t know anything about it. I do know that it affects fair skinned women. I am very lucky, my diet has helped enormously with it though, before it was sallow looking and very prone to breaking out. Nothing like you have though :frowning:

There is another brand I have heard about, that is products made from natural minerals only; bare eccentuals I think is the name. Apparently it is very light. However I don’t know if it would irritate your skin.

What do you use? Is it a bit like excema where you have to use imulsifying ointment and aqueous creme?

I do have problematic hands though, I have a weird rash thing that comes up when I get stressed, like little blisters all over my hands which then dry out and leave me with scaly cracked skin. Unfortunately, I’m stressed a lot of the time!

You are right, I am ignoring the manicurist lol I wouldn’t spend that much money on my face, I don’t think how I look is that important besides I’d rather spend the money on something else (yarn!) =D

Well, my condition isn’t like exzema, it’s just a general redness on the face. It looks a lot like sunburn. So many people have told me, “Oh, you must have gone to the beach!” Sometimes I just agree with them, because it’s easier than explaining my condition. :rollseyes: I NEVER get in the sun. If I did, I would burn all over. :frowning:

My skin is very sensitive, so most moisturizers cause breakouts. I’ve tried absolutely EVERYTHING, including the high-priced items at the mall. I’m allergic to all acne products, as well as most cosmetics. The only time I wear makeup is when I have a special event like a wedding or graduation or something like that. I try to be prepared for cameras, you know. I pay for it the next day with lots of redness and irritation. :mad:

Yay! More yarn for the stash! :smiley: :happydance:

Here’s a picture of my skin. I haven’t worn any makeup or used anything except gentle cleansers for the past few days. I think I would make a good “Mrs Santa Claus”! :smiley:

Hi Mulene,

A big shout out to you and all the other Londoners out there (I used to live in Barkingside).

Love the scarf but the card is AMAZING! Wish I could have thought of something like that.


Hi Tamar :waving: :cheering: =D


I see now what you mean! I don’t know what I’d do if I were that sensitive, I think it would drive me nuts! I used to have rather reddish skin tone, Irish origin, fair skinned reddish and freckled - I burn to a crisp in the sun! One thing that I did do years ago was a make-up course. I really didn’t want to do it, but ended up being conned into doing it to keep a SIL company.

Anyway I was glad I did, I learned quite a bit about colour and how to work it to your advantage. One thing they said to me, (when I was still a bit red skinned) was to use yellow. Wear a base that is yellow based rather than pink based, and I have to say when I wore yellow tops, people always commented how well I looked in it.

My mother has quite red skin too, whenever she wears yellow (a colour both she and I hate!) she always looks so good!

I wish I could suggest something to help you - I’d say the mineral make-up’s are the thing to use - bare accentuals or ID are both mineral brands designed for very sensitive skin.

I’m having to cancel another manicure… I’ve just found some Rowan All Season’s cotton in a dusky midnight blue at such a bargain price!

That’s a great little wrap! I could really see that livening up outfits for parties.

Speaking of Rosacea, I have it too. Stress is a big contributor to the redness, as well as some foods, and we have to stay out of the sun as well.

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Bear Claw afghan
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