FO: Single Cable Red, White & Black Cable Scarf

I finally finished it :slight_smile: I hope he likes it, what do you guys think? I’m modeling it because well he’s probably asleep and he’s in his bed at home :confused: well what do you think?

The lighting isn’t letting me see it very well, but from what I can see…it’s lookin’ great.

Red, white, black…power color combo! :thumbsup:

Can’t really see it, but I can see one corner and it looks pretty!

Is the only camera you have the webcam? It would be best to use natural lighting, but even indoor lighting is okay if it’s bright enough.

It was in my room and I only do have my web cam >.< I need a proper camera, I wonder what my next project should be

I like the colors. I’m sure he’ll love it!

He does love it, he said he was really impressed that his little girl friend could do something like that with yarn xD it’s my first project and I feel happy that I was able to make something he liked, he loves the color two which makes it so much better :smiley: :woot:

Looks great and I am sure your boyfriend appreciated it.

I just hope he actually wears it >.<

Bravo! You finished that in double-quick time! From what I can see, it looks fabulous.

Yes, I hope your boyfriend will wear it. It’s made with love, AND it looks good, too, so what’s not to like?