FO: sinful ribbed scarf ::: EDIT Added Pics!

so I have been working on the Sinful Ribbed Scarf (pdf!) for a week now. I am using Bernat Softee Chunkee in White. On size 8 needles. I plan on adding a large pom pom on each end.

So far I am INNNN LOOOVE :muah: with this scarf… I just finished off the roll of yarn however, and it’s not long enough. I went to pick up some more but EVERY white yarn in any brand was GONE at Walmart. So I will have to wait a week.

I was so annoyed, I was really hoping to wear this for my Christmas travelling. Normally I buy enough yarn +one for just in cases. But this yarn was originally supposed to be a quick trim on a stocking, so I didn’t bother buying more. Oh well. :pout:

I ended up just binding off so I could wear it out for the holidays. I recieved a lot of compliments on it. When I go to walmart tomorrow I hope to pick up some more yarn tho, I will just rip off the one pompom and undo the bind off and continue on. This is one scarf that WILL BE LONG! lol

My mom loved it so much, she requested her scarf be in the same pattern. anyways, here’s one pic.

Wow, I love that scarf pattern…it’s easy and has beautiful texture. I’m sure yours is gorgeous

That’s a wonderful pattern and I absolutely LOVE Bernat Softee Chunkee yarn!

Take heart, they’ll probably restock the Softee Chunkee white soon :hug:

mmmmmmm that pattern look sooooo warm and cozy! I bet yours look just awesome! I can’t wait to see it when you are done.

might just have to give that one a try!

I just started knitting this scarf last night… but I have a question about the pattern. To get the ribbing to look like the pattern’s picture, I think their 2nd row is incorrect. I think you have to P1, K1, P1, K1, etc instead of K1, P1, K1, P1. Otherwise the knit stitches don’t stack up like in the photo. Did you run into this as well or am I missing something?


You’re right! I started knitting it when I saw this post and then ripped back and started again after reading your reply…either way it’s pretty!
:heart: kimmie


I replied to your post already, it actually reminded me I needed to post a pic. I did not find any problem with the pattern at all. The first inch seemed off until I got more length to it, and could see the pattern clearly, but it came out the same. Just make sure you start with knit and end with knit. :heart: :heart:

That is really cute!

I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s sinful though? :??


Love the pom poms!

Sinfully easy? It’s so pretty!

Very nice…I love the pom poms on the ends!

I LOVE IT! What a clever gal you are! :cheering:

Sinfully easy? It’s so pretty![/quote]

, haha, the yarn the pattern called for is called sinful… it’s pure cashmere tho… so bernat was cheaper.

Oh I love it. I had that file saved to make it sometime-- but seeing yours I like the pattern a lot more. Yours actually looks a lot nicer than the one in the file (imo)!

Thanks for posting the pic!! It is so cute! I’m knitting it in Bernat Satin for my sister - so soft! When I started over I left off the last K3 and the pattern seems to be knitting up fine. So maybe those last 3 stitches don’t make a difference after all? Oh well :slight_smile: