FO - Simple Headband

This was my very first project. in general looks a little tatty but you have to start somewhere right! I made this for my girlfriend and she is pleased with it, she uses it while she is running, it keeps her hair tidy and ears warm so it does the job it was meant to.

I used a green Double Knit yarn, and 4mm needles. I knitted the entire thing using knit stitch, i cast on 10 stitches and i think it finished at around 120 rows.

I am know in the process of knitting a Snood for her, which at the moment is looking very good indeed. I will post a picture of it when i can.

What a useful and thoughtful gift. It looks great in the picture, so I’d call it a successful first project.

That’s a great idea for a first project, and I don’t see anything “tatty” about it!

It looks super!


Tatty = Great? Looks good. You did just fine. What’s really cool is that your first FO is in use.

That’s pretty! :yay:

Nicely done! :yay:

Great first project! Nice looking and useful. Welcome to KH!

Wonderful work! I love useful knitted things!

Sometimes we forget to knit the simple, everyday things! One of my 2011 favorites was the little cellphone cozy I made for my Droidx. I love that thing to pieces, and use it every time I leave home! A simple little thing…but ever so useful!

Congrats on finishing your first project … looks like it turned out great! :woohoo: