FO Silver's Palindrom Hat

Hi all,

Here are the pictures of my finished Palindrome Hat. I finished it while on vacation, and I love it. I have had quite a few of my co-workers offer to steal it from me :teehee: They love it too. I made it out of 100purewool that I got in the co-op.


I love it,it looks so warm and yummy color!

I like the colors, it is a really pretty hat.

That’s beautiful! My DH liked the pattern so I’m making him one out of Encore.

It’s superb and that color is to die for! It looks wonderful with your green eyes (if i’m correct) :teehee: I myself am a green-eye person, so violet is one of my favorites :heart:

They are actually hazel, but this hat makes them look really vibrant green.


Wow, so pretty! What a great hat.

Great job! What a beautiful color and it looks perfect on you!

Lovely x

love the color!! Great job :happydance:

Looks really nice! Good job. :thumbsup: