FO: Silk Garden Long Coat

[I][B]Finally done![/B][/I] :happydance:

Started this coat in February, but life happens…and it stalled on the runway several times! It was an easy knit. Silk Garden is wonderful to work with. Here are my Ravelry notes if you’d care to read more details about the coat and pattern source.


Oh, I am so happy to see this all put together. It is lovely and I bet it will look and feel beautiful when you wear it. Wonderful coat!

“Life happens?” BABIES happened! Of course this went on a back burner for a bit.

When you say “long” how long do you mean? I do love it, and as usual, your work seems perfect.

Just about the most beautiful coat I have seen. :heart:

Oooh! Beautiful!!!

As usual another beautiful creation of yours. I am especially impressed you found buttons that were perfect! I love the colors they are great.

That is going to look gorgeous on.

So, I wonder what you do when life doesn’t happen? You crank out the loveliest projects I’ve ever seen. I just love the natural colors in this one!!

Sadly, NORO has discontinued this neutral colorway, in Silk Garden, Kureyon, and Transitions! So typical for NORO to discontinue something “basic” and neutral, but there’s NO END to the wild colorways they keep spitting out! Can you tell I’m annoyed with NORO, Inc?

Love the colours and matching buttons! Great job!

I was going to ask how you made the collar so neat with definite fanning and no visible increases… until I read your notes on Ravelry :slight_smile: If I am going to use the trick with gradual needle size change, your name will be in the credits :slight_smile:

You are one awesome lady! I love this coat. It’s beautiful.

I don’t know how I missed this! It’s beautiful! :inlove:

absolutely beautiful, as always!

What a lot of knitting! I love the way the stripes of color look so different in the textured st as compared to the St st. That is a beautiful, subtle colorway and too bad they discontinued it. Perfect buttons!!