FO - Shrug for DD

I’m braving this adventure to see if I can actually post this pic. I finished this a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting to the pic. DD loves it, but it’s a bit big. I’m redoing it in a gray (reminds me of an australian shepherd) and a size smaller. Very fast and very cute.

That looks fabulous!! What a sassy look she has on her face - you can tell she loves it!!

Very cute.

Soooooo cute, and so is the shrug!!! Nice job.

Very cute!

really cute! I’m so glad you figured out how to post! :slight_smile:

So cute!!! My DDs (all 3) would love it. What is the pattern and yarn you used?:cheering:

Great job - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That turned out great - and a pretty model you have there too!!! :hug:

:yay: it looks great!!

I think it looks wonderful!

Very pretty and it looks like a great fit on your pretty girl :slight_smile:

It’s by Stephanie Japel and it’s called One Skein Wonder. Since you belong to Ravelry, it’s on their site. I’m working on a 2nd one in gray (reminds me of an australian shepherd). LMK if you can’t find.

Love the colour! I want one of my own now- great job!

that is adorable and your daughter is soooo cute!!

She is so cute! Love the shrug, but it’s your daughter that caught my eye.

where did you get the pattern i need one of those. :muah: :heart:

It looks great and she looks so cute in it.

Total girly-girl item! Nice work!

Beautiful!! Your DD is so pretty too!