FO - Sherbet Baby set

Hi. This is my first post here!

I found this site when searching on how to do weaving and found the helpful video on kitchener seaming.

I did the ‘Sherbet Baby’ set. The pattern was found at:

Note: The sweater does have 2 mistakes in it though, although I did use the ‘contact us’ form and advised them of the mistakes, I don’t think they’ve changed it yet. So if your interested in doing this, let me know and I’ll advise you of the corrections. :slight_smile:

I worked this set on size 3 1/4 & size 4 1/2 needles in Bernat Satin ‘seagrass’.

The mitts were not part of this set, just added to it by me.

I’m working on the blanket to match, on size 7 US needles. I’ve just started it, so it won’t be complete for a couple weeks.

oh that is so cute!! i love it!!

Me, too! You did a great job and love the colors!

It’s so cute, I love the colors!:yay:


Thanks for the compliments! I really like the way this one turned out. It’s very pretty. I’ll let you know how the recipient likes it on Sunday!

Anyway, I was asked for corrections to this pattern, so here they are:

After completing the hood, you come to the YOKE section (pg 2 of pattern)
The BEG PAT section ROW 1 [B]should[/B] read:
Work seed st across 4 sts; k3; inc 1 (twice); k6; inc 1 (twice); k14; inc 1 (twice); k6; inc 1 (twice); k3; work seed st across last 4 sts.
Row 2, 4, 6 & 8: Work seed st across 4 sts; purl; work seed st across last 4 sts.

Row 3 is where it’s a little more difficult as you have to continue the increase and add in a cable as well. But her instructions are ‘continue to inc in this manner, and maintaining seed st borders, work in cable pattern, working new sts into pattern until there are 144 sts on needle.’

This pattern is supposed to be ‘Easy**’ so I’m not sure why she didn’t complete the pattern for new knitters. Anyway, I’ll do that here! NOTE: the cable is done on every 3rd & 7th row! The other odd rows are just increased by knitting, the even rows are just purled (but do not forget the seed st borders)!

Here’s Row 3 cable patt (*k4, sl 2 sts to cn, hold in back, k2, k2 from cn; repeat * across) - it needs to be incorporated into the increase.
Here’s the Row 3 increase:
Work seed st across 4 sts; k4; inc 1 (twice); k8; inc 1 (twice); k16; inc 1 (twice); k8; inc 1 (twice); k4; work seed st across last 4 sts.

(k4;inc 1; sl the 2 sts just worked to cn, hold at back of work, inc 1; k2 from cn; k4; sl 2 to cn, hold at back, k2, k2 from cn;… - follow???) continue incorporating the row 3 cable pattern as you work the row 3 increase.

The row 7 cable pattern also needs to be incorporated when working the row 7 increase.
Row 7: Work seed st across 4 sts; k6; inc 1 (twice); k12; inc 1 (twice); k20; inc 1 (twice); k12; inc 1 (twice); k6; work seed st across last 4 sts.

Thankfully, there are only 24 rows (or 3 pattern repetitions) needed to get your work to the 144 st mark!

The 2nd mistake is very minor and is in the [B]BOOTIE[/B] section.
Rows 9-12: Rep rows 7 & 8.
This [B]should[/B] read 'Rows 9-10: Rep rows 7 & 8.

(like I said, a minor mistake, but when you don’t catch it until your at the finished product wondering why it looks ‘wrong’ and you need to re-do the entire bootie because you can’t figure out where you went wrong, it’s a bummer!)

Thanks! And good luck on your knitting.

That’s very cute! Blue is my favorite color!

Such a darlene set! Welcome to KH, it’s nice to have you aboard!

That is adorable. I love the yarn colors

Thank you lynn and your set is soooooooo cute!!!
Oh and welcome to KH (knitting help)!!!

Awww, that turned out really lovely! Great work! :muah: And welcome!!!

:yay: very cute!!

Beautiful set!!! and welcome to KH!

I love it …It’s so cute and those little shoes awww

Really pretty!

Adorable! You did a lovely job on everything!

Thank you so much for all the praise! And I’m so glad I found this site. I also just started my own blog, so you should be seeing more of me around!

I really like how the yarn looks with that pattern, nice job!!! Lucky baby!!!

Adorable set!