FO - Shawl

For those of you who read my thread on the frustrating “class” for this shawl, here’s the finished project. I do love the results. LOVE this yarn. It’s Kudo and I used about 2.5 skeins - bought 4 so have some leftover for a scarf. :slight_smile: The pattern is easy - did a couple of things I’ve never done before, like dividing the stitches to make the “pocket” for the second “bow.” It’s done in short rows. Not sure I like the holes that makes so if I make another one will research way to avoid that. This weight is perfect for taking into air conditioned places this summer.


Nery Nice!!! I love the colors!!

Its wonderful to learn something from your knitting. It keeps it interesting.

It turned out very nice Wanda! Too bad the class was so frustrating, but the end result is lovely!

That’s beautiful! Good job! :cheering:

Wonderful work! The yarn really made the design POP! Very glamorous!

Very nice indeed! For picking up short row wraps without holes, look at theknitty article, and there’s a video on the Tips page.

Just gorgeous, Wanda. Beautiful job.

I just have to add my kuddos! It is indeed lovely, gorgeous and very well done!

Oops! Just realized I put this under General Knitting instead of Whatcha Knitting? Sorry!

ETA: And thanks for all the compliments! Glad you all think it’s pretty too!

LOVE the colors on this!! Looks like the rows worked out great (color changing wise, that is).

Very VERY pretty, wherever you put it!

I’d be interested in trying that pattern and would love to find it. Can you help me out with the pattern name and number?

Beautiful! Looks like it turned out great despite the frustration! :cheering:

Hi Jannette, I would love to be able to share the pattern but it is designed by one of the ladies at my local yarn shop and we had to take the class to get the pattern. I wish she would’ve just sold the pattern and by-passed the class. Here is the information on the store if you’d like to contact them to see if she would be interested in selling it - KnitWits - the name of the pattern is Dot’s Shawl.

Thanks for all the compliments from everyone else!! I sure am going to enjoy wearing this one!

Very Pretty~ Glad it was worth the effort!

Thank you Wanda, I’ll try giving them a call.

That is really beautiful!!!


Glad you made the mistake and posted it here!!! It’s lovely and I’m so glad you got past the awful class and persisted.

Very well done!