FO: shawl

This is the triangle shawl pattern from Lion Brand, using LB Homespun (which I hate knitting with).
The colors I used (Regency and Waterfall…yes, only two colors there!) don’t really match, but I liked them together for some strange reason. Kind of a murky/clear waters effect, I feel.
My eleven-year-old daughter loves this shawl. She doesn’t know it’s going to be under the Christmas tree next week. :present:

Oh my, that is really pretty! I must have missed that pattern, because I hadn’t seen a triangle shawl with the eyelets. I love the texture they provide, along with the stripes. Thanks so much for sharing! Do you think the pattern would knit up ok with regular worsted yarn?

Many many people have knit it in worsted, with Jiffy, with light weight yarn, you name it. It seems to turn out great.


That’s very pretty!

It’s beautiful!! Your DD has good taste.

:inlove: very pretty!

Ooohhhhh Laaaaaa Laaaaaa


Very pretty! I really like that color combination as well. I’m sure your daughter will be happy to have it.

Very pretty. Love the colours.

That turned out really gorgeous…great job! :hug:

Looks wonderful!

Great job! I like the color combo! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! I love the color combo too! Not sure I would’ve put them together on my own, but they sure turned out nice! (ps - I hate working with Homespun too.)

Very lovely!!! May I asked, did you purchase the pattern or was it free???

Beautiful, Kayeknit! Just beautiful! Great colors, great design!

That’s so pretty! It reminds me of butterfly wings

It did turn out with a nice effect. You’re right about it being watery. Will be nice to keep the chill out.

Beautiful. Nothing like a cozy shawl on a very cold winter’s day. Your daughter will feel like she’s getting a hug from you every time she puts it around herself.

TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]