FO: Shalom

I love, LOVE this sweater! The yarn was a little splitty to work with, but very soft. It’s KnitPicks Swish Bulky in Squirrel Heather, and the pattern is Shalom Cardigan. I hope I get a chance to wear it before spring – the weather’s been really warm here lately!

WOW! It’s gorgeous!!! Great job! Love the soft, neutral color!

It looks beautiful on you Slim! Nice job :slight_smile:

That looks wonderful and is such a great fit.

Oh - that is so pretty! It looks [I]really[/I] nice on you too! :thumbsup:

That is a beautiful sweater! It fits you perfectly! It looks great with long sleeves…is that info in the pattern or did you just extend them?

Another one to add to my list!:teehee:

It is such a pretty sweater!! And you look so pretty in it!!

What a gorgeous sweater,love the detailed work around the neck. Great job!

looks nice and comfy

hope you get a cool day to wear it on!

It fits you perfectly, what a great sweater :yay:

Very well done, Slim. A very classic look in both pattern and color. I really like what goes on in the yoke. It looks super on you.

FABULOUS WORK as usual, Slim!!! You look adorable in your new sweater!!!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]What a beautiful sweater! Just love it’s style. You look wonderful in it too…:yay:
:knitting: [/COLOR]

Amazing work! Beautiful sweater!

What a beautiful sweater! Well done!

When I click on the pattern it won’t come up. Could you tell us where you got it from?

its 2 beautiful …its gorgeous …thnsk for sharing

You look beautiful in your new sweater. :yay:

Gorgeous sweater! Looks great on you!!

Great job on a pretty sweater! Fits you so well.

I’m so sorry about the link. Here’s a good one. It’s a Ravelry download, so you’ll need to be a Ravelry member to see it.