FO- Serenity Baby Blanket

There were a few times while knitting this baby blanket that I completely lost all passion for knitting it, but I still loved the pattern so I kept on (in the long run, I did enjoy knitting this). I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment for finally finishing the Serenity Baby Blanket. I started this blanket back in July, and just finished it today, September 30th. I LOVE the finished product, but I doubt that I’ll knit this pattern again. I think I’m done knitting baby blankets for a LOOOOOONG time. Now that this is finished, maybe I wont feel guilty for working on Christmas gifts instead of baby gifts. The intended recipient for Serenity is due to arrive in mid-October (and we don’t know the gender), but the last time I saw the expecting mom she looked more than ready to pop (and completely adorable, picture a model skinny person with a big beach ball shoved in her shirt). Adorable. Anyway, I used Caron Simply Soft for the blanket, and it took 3 skeins.

You did a great job with Serenity – I love this blanket! I’ve added it to my que.

That is absolutely stunning. Great job! I love the color, and I’m glad you stuck with it - the finished product is definitely worth the effort.:yay:

Beautiful just beautiful !!!

That’s an absolutely gorgeous blanket!

That is beautiful and such a great gift.

just gorgeous!

What a beautiful gift! You did a great job :thumbsup:

Stunning blanket . I love it :slight_smile: Nice job!

Excellent job, a absotively marvelous blanket. Your patience was aptly rewarded.

Now that is a very lovely blanket!
I think I would like to try it someday too.
Congratulations on finishing it!

very pretty!!

Wow, it’s gorgeous!!! I may make something this intricate for a grandbaby but doubt I’d put that much work into most other baby gifts. I’m working on a feather and fan baby blanket now and am using 2 strands of Simply Soft on 11’s. It’s going fairly quickly and is beautiful, but personally I would like it much better on smaller needles so it would be daintier (is that a word? it looks funny). I just wasn’t willing to put that much work into this project. I have too many other things I want to do too!

Lovely blanket :inlove:

Beautiful! :heart:

Very pretty.

Oh my! I so admire your work! This is beautiful! :heart: