FO: Selina's baby blanket

My cousin and his wife had baby #2 and I thought I’d follow tradition and make a blanket for her like I did for her sister.

Here it is!

Pattern is[COLOR=Black]Sam’s Blanket[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn is [/COLOR]S.R. Kertzer Butterfly Super 10

That’s beautiful!

Oooh purple, my favorite color. It is a gorgeous blanket, they will love it I am sure. Cool pattern too. :heart:

Looks lovely - well done!


What a lovely color and pattern!! You created a wonderful heirloom that they’ll treasure for years!

The first thing that came to my mind – berry nice! :slight_smile:

Really beautiful work and a lovely tradition to uphold.

Thanks everyone! It was my favourite blanket that I’ve made. Giving it up was hard lol.

I love this blanket. It’s beautiful, and I also love purple.

That thick texture stitch will make your blanket nice and warm. Turned out lovely. :heart:

Well this is ABSOLUTELY the yummiest baby blanket I’ve seen in a long time! The pattern stitch is very intriguing! Not hard I hope! I’m inspired to try it!

Your work is impeccable! The color choice is spot on!

Thanks for sharing!

My printer is (at this very moment) printing out this pattern! I looked at ALL THE OTHER 43 projects at Ravelry, and I must tell you…yours turned out the nicest! Your st st squares are like all the others, but your textured squares are much nicer…more lumpy and puffy…I think you must have used a better yarn! And your knitting gauge must have been extra nice to make the textured squares turn out so rich! So I’ll watch out when I start this blanket! I want my blanket to turn out as like yours did!

Did you see some of the other blankets?

I even like your blanket better than Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s! :thumbsup:

:muah: Oh, I LOVE this!! Gorgeous color and I have always liked this pattern…I just wanna squeeze it, lol :stuck_out_tongue: