FO: Sedum Cardigan

I love this sweater and will undoubtedly use this pattern again again. It’s Sedum, a free Ravelry download, and the yarn is KnitPicks Swish Bulky in Planetarian. It’s very warm and comfy, and I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot this winter.

I used stockinette instead of seed stitch as the pattern calls for, and changed the waist shaping a bit.  I love the color, but I really don’t like the way Swish fuzzes and pills. It’s very soft, but by the time the sweater’s done it looks used. Next time I’ll definitely use a different yarn.

Very pretty! I like yours better than the the seed stitch one. :thumbsup:

I really like the sleeve cuffs.

That color is gorgeous on you !! The sweater looks great

You always make the loveliest sweaters! That blue is the perfect color for you! Love your hair too!!!

That sweater is absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks like the perfect fit for you too! Thanks for the heads up on the Swish.

Nice cardigan.:muah: I like the pictures(the way how you did it)

That is SO nice! I’m with Jan - like your mods better :wink:

So very nice, Slim! You always chose the best little designs! This cardi is wonderful! I do like the st st on your cardi! However, the Sedum design is really nice either way! The st st is, I think, more figure flattering. Slimming!
Not that you need slimming! But I do!

Lovely! I think on your frame, the mode to st st was perfect, it hugs you just right! And the color is wonderful, too!!

What a lovely cardigan! :heart: Fits you beautifully, too!

Gr8888888 n lovely sweater

That is SO nice! I’m with Jan - like your mods better

I have to agree also, it’s really lovely.

Yes - love it! Thanks for sharing - I was thinking I’d like a pattern for a cardigan with bulky yarn. I’d like to try this one!

Very pretty! And, yes, I like your stockinette better too. The seed is pretty, but I prefer stockinette. :yay:

What a great cardi!! Your color choice and mods make this look and fit perfectly. As usual :inlove: it is beautiful.