FO - Second vest for Warm Woolies!

Warm Woolies 6 for 6 Campaign
Cascade 220 doubled
US 10.5 needles

I don’t know if I’ll get all 6 things done, but I’ll mail what I have because I know they can use them. I’m going to try the socks next and see how many I can get made before I need to ship.

Love the color combo

These are beyond cute and adorable! Well knit, well chosen yarn and well chosen color combos!

Jan, you rock!

Those are both so sweet, Jan. And you’re sweet for making them.

I’m so loving the color combos!! They are so cute :heart:

Too cute! Thanks for the link. I’ll bring this to the attention of my group. :slight_smile:

gr8 works, wel done n nice colors matching

Jan, these are adorable!!! About how much yarn does it take to make one?

Those are darling and I’m sure they will be much appreciated.:woohoo:

Uhh… The pattern doesn’t say and I was using mostly stash. It is double stranded so it would take more than one that is not of course. I would think you could do a single stranded one with a couple hundred yards, but I’m not sure. :shrug: