FO-Seascape Stole

I also posted this in the Christmas KAL

I knitted this for my best friend Ruth. She has been my best friend since we were like 12. It is made from recycled silk/cashmere in lipstick red. The pattern is Seascape Stole from Knitty Summer 2008. I am really happy with how this came out. I really hope she likes it. Her daughter saw it and loves it.

She will love it ! It is beautiful :slight_smile:

Pretty pretty!!!

Oh, not to worry, she’ll love it. It’s really pretty!

That is beautiful. She will be thrilled.


Gorgeous! Love the color.

That is incredibly beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous color, and the lacework is perfect. She’ll love it!


That’s so pretty, fine work. Tell us about the"recycled" yarn you used. I’m curious.

Wow, this is just too gorgeous! You are just THE BEST of knitters, and friends!

Your girlfriend is very fortunate! She chose well! :thumbsup:

The “recycled” yarn is from a silk/cashmere sweater that was taken apart and now viola a pretty shawl. The sweater was from Ann Taylor.

That’s beautiful!!! :muah:

Beautiful just beautiful-your friend will be so so pleased…and glad to have you as a friend…does your friend knit?

No she doesn’t knit but she loves all my knitted items. She took her son’s first baby pictures with the blanket that I knitted for him. Her 5 year old daughter is one of my favorite people to knit for. She LOVES my knitted things. She STILL loves her baby blanket and specifically requests ONLY knitted things for presents or she finds out that I actually bought something for a gift asks if I can knit something as well because it means more. I heart her daughter.

Oooo, it’s beautiful! :heart:

It’s beautiful!

[I]Beautiful [/I]stole! Yay for people who appreciate knitted items :cheering:

OMGoodness! OF COURSE she’ll love it! It’s GORGEOUS!!