FO: Seafoam Stitch Scarf

Along with attending Knitting Boot Camp workshops, I have been doing something besides swatches. Thia is my seafoam stitch scarf made with Shepherd’s Wool Mill Ends.


Oh that is so pretty. :slight_smile:

The scarf is looking lovely - well done!


That looks like lots of fun to knit. You’re doing it beautifully in a lovely pattern.

Fantastic! I love this scarf. The stitch pattern is lovely. I’ll have to look for it . . . . or is there a pattern available that you could share?

And how is boot camp going so far?

You are doing a very nice job and the colors are lovely. Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to the finished product!

Thanks Antares. It’s only a stitch pattern. I found it in my Vogue Knitting the Ultimate Knitting Book. Here is alinkthat I found online. Boot camp is going well but there is so much homework.

Cool! Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying boot camp, and it’s amazing with all your homework that you’re finding time to knit other things!

Lookin’ mighty handsome, I must say! Great work!!!

Completed about two weeks ago.

I love the stitch pattern! Good job!