FO: Scrunchable Scarf!

This is the first FO that I’ve posted here…I used the scrunchable scarf pattern in Malabrigo Chunky yarn. It’s a gift for me! :teehee:

I was HORRIBLE at purling before knitting this scarf…it really helped me get better! It turned out a lot wider than I intended it to, but I am pretty happy with it.

very pretty–I love purple!

It is lovely and I am glad that you are keeping your malabrigo for you!

Great job and pretty colors!

That’s such a great pattern, isn’t it? I made as one of my first few projects and it helped me with my knitting and purling, too. Great job!!

I love this pattern - and the colors are amazing!! Great job!

That purple… catch me! :thud:

Great job!

OMG, that’s gorgeous!!

yes, that is Lovely
isn’t that yarn just the BEST to work with??

Nothing bad about using this fiber to perfect yur skills


Is that color purple mystery? I just did the same scarf for a friend of mine (late going away present). I just love mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo!


Gorgeous yarn, and gorgeous scarf! :heart:

Oooh, that is scrumptious!

Wow ! That is absolutely beautiful. Is the pattern listed here somewhere and I missed it? [hint hint]

Thanks everyone for all the replies! :muah:

wandaweberg, if you google the term “scrunchable scarf,” the pattern will come up. Also, if you do a search on the “whatcha knitting” forum here on KH, you’ll find some GORGEOUS :inlove: pics of others’ scrunchable scarves.

Here’s the pattern in a nutshell:
Cast on a multiple of 3 stitches, plus 2 extra.

On each row, slip the first stitch (as if to purl).
Then, the pattern is K2 P1 until you have one stitch left, which you knit.

Make it as long or as wide as you want!

Here’s the link to the pattern:

it’s a big ole mmmmmmmmm HUG!!! :happydance:

Irish Knitter

Thanks so much for your reply!! I totally love that scarf and your knitting is so pretty!

Wanda be Knitting

Edited to add: On each row, slip the first stitch (as if to purl).

What does this mean? I actually purl it? Or just slip the yarn to the needle? I am a novice.

how many stitches did you cast on and what needle size?

it looks like you mastered purling beautifully! great job and I love the madras duvet!

You insert the needle into the first stitch as if you’re going to purl it, but just slip it onto the right needle. THEN start your K2, P1 pattern.

I used chunky yarn on size 11 needles. I cast on 29 stitches.

Good luck!! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! the color the pattern… very nice job. :cheering: