FO: Scrubbies-athalon!

This is what I did while my DH was hunting!
I had myself a right good time! Scrubbie-athalon!

All laid out on fresh October snow (surprise!):

Charlie is always interested in what I’m doing!


Using US11 and one strand each: Lily cotton / 1.5" wide netting:
[B]Cast on 16st.
Knit (garter stitch) for 11 ridges.
Bind off.[/B]

PS: The solid red scrubbie, and the lemon-lime scrubbie didn’t use any cotton. They were two strands of the netting held together. They are much scratchier, but cost more to make.

You had a busy day !!! I’m jealous you have snow and I don’t and I love your BIG dog.

Oh how pretty that snow is! Are all those scrubbies for you? I only have 3 and boy do I need more! Just haven’t done it yet. :teehee:

I’ve wondered about just using the nylon. Do you think it’s any sturdier?

Nice scrubbies!

I wish my family liked the square knitted ones - I’ve had to learn to crochet (which is good!) just to make them nylon netting round scrubbies (which is not so much fun).

Jan, I can’t speak to being knitted, but I’ve been using the round scrubbies I crocheted with just netting, and they are holding up very well.

I make them almost like Artlady, but I use a smaller needle and make them smaller. They do hold up very well. Eventually the yarn gets tired if you use them for scrubbing really abrasive things a lot. I just wondered if that happens with all nylon. I’m sure crocheted would work just as well. It’s pretty dense. :thumbsup:

Love them!! I must make some of these! LOL

Thanks for posting this - you’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make these since you first posted them! I need to now especially since we’ve moved and no longer have a dishwasher :eyes:

Yes, a WHOLE LOT more sturdy!

I’ll gift the yellows and blues. The reds are definitely for moi!
The greens…I dunno yet!

But, as long as I was away in the mountains, I got on a roll…and kept knitting til I ran out of netting. I had more netting at home, but didn’t bring it all along.

I’ve been using a green and a red scrubbie, while one’s in the wash, I use the other. But I didn’t have any other spares! Now I have 4 red spares!

I think I might knit up some white dishclothes, to gift with the scrubbies. Two scrubbies per dishcloth. But I won’t make those dishcloths as big as I used to. They are unwieldy when they’re too big. I like them to be smaller in the hand. You can squeeze them out easier! Instead of casting on 40-something, I’ll cast on 20-something and see how that turns out!

I sent this to my sister-in-law last year:

This dishcloth is too big for me. I think it was a 36-40 cast on!

Those are so nice! :inlove:

Ohlalllaaa its gr8888 u have gud taste …its lovely for scrubbies .lolllll

Question on these - about how many yards of the 1.5" netting do you use per scrubby? I think I’d prefer cutting the tulle as I went off the spool, rather than cutting the whole spool of tulle to begin with…especially since my local AC Moore doesn’t carry the 3" width - the smallest is the 6" - that’s alot of cutting in one sitting!

Margaret: I never measured it so I don’t know the exact length. I cut mine with an electric knife so it wasn’t a big deal. Cutting off the right length would be a good idea though, too. :think:

I NEVER thought of knitting my own scrubbies!!! … and I mean… knitting scrubbies for the hubby to use on the blasted new range we have! (I will never again own a ceramic top, it’s either gas or the dreaded coils… at least I can buy new drip pans)!

I have that exact same paw print cloth right now and I loathed every minute knitting it - perhaps because I used a multi-colored cotton and I STILL can’t see the pattern in it ;o)

<3 <3 your design, and I can’t believe you guys got so much snow already - hopefully Portland gets at a little again this year so I can take a week off. Being from Michigan I find it hilarious when this town closes for .5 inches of snow hehe.

The spools that I purchase are 40 yds. The netting comes off the spool at 3" width. Before I do anything, I use a Cutco bread knife (really works!) and cut the spool in half, just as if I was cutting a loaf of bread in half, right down the middle.

After this is done, I have TWO-1.5" wide spools. Each are still 40 yds in the length. I can get 3 scrubbies out of this spool.

By the fact that I’ve cut the 3" spool in half, I get a total of 6 scrubbies out of it all. So I’d say each scrubbie uses approx. 13.5 yds. of netting.

If you want to knit “netting only” scrubbies, just knit the 3" width netting as it comes off the original spool. You’d only realize 3 scrubbies using the 3" width in this way!

Here is the websitewhere I purchase my netting!

Here’s what their nylon netting page say to reduce the width from 3" to 1.5":
"[B]Need to cut your netting to a smaller width?[/B] No Problem!
Make marks with a pen on the cello wrap all around the spool. Take a fine serrated knife such as a bread knife or a fine toothed saw and cut through the netting all away around the spool, down to the cardboard tube. Then you can take the wrap off one side but leave it on the other so it keeps the netting in place until you are ready to use that side. An electric carving knife will act like an electric saw and works well too if you don’t mind moving parts!"

Really? I LOVE my ceramic cooktop! It’s so much easier to clean than those awful gas/electric ranges. A scrubbie and Barkeepers Friend work great! BF also takes scratches out of the sink, too.! I just used the powdered formula for everything, but they apparently do have different ones. Haven’t tried them though.

I’m TOTALLY going to have to try that… the last thing that was suggested was a half of a lime/lemon rubbed on the burnt on spots… all I got were zesty smelling hands from that lol!

Thanks - what a GREAT idea! I never would have thought of that!

I purchased some tulle at AC Moore and the smallest width they had was 6". I pulled a bunch off (4 or 5 armlengths), cut it in half and in half again. I ended up using 3 lengths of the netting for one scrubby. Cutting the whole spool will be much easier than guesing how many arm lengths to cut! But, I did make my first scrubby last night - almost can’t wait for a good and dirty dish to try it out! :teehee:

Thanks also for the website link! I found some other online sources that were pretty cheap too, but wanted to try out making them before I ordered a ton of tulle online! (Of course, we WON’T discuss how many skeins of S&C I bought - good thing it wa on sale!) What I purchased seems to be a finer gauge than the neting on the site you use…May have made it a little easier to knit, but I’m not sure if it will have the same scrubbing power.