FO: Scoop Neck Sweater

Hi everyone,

I hope it’s ok to place my flickr address here to show you the photos of my recently completed sweater:

Thanks for checking it out! :muah:

That’s really pretty!

Really pretty and suits you so well too - looks beautifully knitted too:cheering:

You did a great job! Very prety.

That is really cute and looks great on you!

It’s beautiful, and fits you so well! I love the lacy pattern on the sleeves.

That’s really nice!

Wow, it’s gorgeous! I will agree with everyone else saying that it really fits you well!

That is very pretty :happydance:

Where did you get that pattern? I love it!!! Great job.

Very pretty design & colour, Patrizia, and I love the neckline. :slight_smile: :yay:


Very Pretty. * Pretty In Pink *[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Very nice! :cheering: I love that color. :heart:

Thanks again!

phisch: It’s my own design. :flirt:

Thanks again!

phisch: It’s my own design. :flirt:

Nice work !!! Very pretty !

Really pretty. Looks like a perfect fit too.

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this! It’s such a pretty pattern and soo flattering on you. Excellent job knitting and even better on the design. :cheering:

I’ve been following your progress on this - it turned out great! Are you thinking of adding the pattern to your blog? (I hope so!)