Fo: scarves, WP: knitted fabric

these 2 scarves i finished very soon after i started knitting,
they are going to be a set with hats and mittens, colors were chosen by the recipients.

red heart supersaver, size 17 US Straights with a double strand of yarn (one from each side of the skein). no pattern, just cast on and knit in ST st til i was happy with the length, added some buttons and holes, added names and they were done, took about 2 days each.

last night after i sewed some clothes with scrap material i was left with even more smaller scraps. i remembered seeing something about knitting with strips of fabric so i randomly put them together and got this ball of “yarn”

cast on size 11 needles and worked it in ST st until it ran out…will be turning it into a rug sometime in the future

and since he decided to jump up on my lap when i was done i decided to make him my model. he wasn’t too happy about it…

thanks for looking!

Looks great! I have a ton of fabric, I should try that!

[COLOR=blue]Foxie… great job! love the kitty too :hug: Is it hard on the hands to knit fabric? I was thinking of knitting up a small rug for the bathroom. Thanks! [/COLOR]

I think the rug idea really great and I’d like to consider that too…however… I don’t have a sewing machine so do you have to overlock edges before knitting?

:hug:Your kitty looks just like my tuxedo kitty, evil little demon of knitting doom that he is!:roflhard:

thanks! and here are my answers

hi anne,
not it was’t really that tough on the hands using larger needles and knitting slower, i would say it depends more on the uniformity of the scraps and what type of fabric you use.

in the places where i had jean and upholstery fabric it was alot harder to knit than a stretchy shirt fabric, and in rows where wider pieces met wider pieces, it was harder, but overall it was fine.

and to susan…
i didn’t overlock anything, i started out just sewing the edges together but changed to sewing the entire lengths of them together to give it some extra detail in the middle of the fabric.

you certainly don’t need a sewing machine. it would take longer but you could just sew the ends together by hand using whatever stitch you’d like! it’s pretty sturdy once you start knitting it up.

i would suggest using something other than Stockinette because it still rolls, it was just easier to use with my thick and thin fabric. i’m going sew other sections on, which will hopefully make it lay flat.

Cool idea with the fabric!! I stopped quilting when I learned to knit, and I still have some fabric hanging around!