FO: Scarves for Bianca, Keoni, Fiona, & Laila!

Went to my South Sound Knitters’ Guild Meeting on Sunday afternoon, held in our LYS. Surrounded by oodles of yummy yarns…I fell prey to the wonderful Mini Mochi yarns by Crystal Palace! Oy vey!

Anyway, I bought 3 balls of a pastel colorway #111.
Will knit 1 scarf per ball. Finished #1 today!

It’s 3"x52" in 2x2 rib with an edge stitch on each end.
Not a particulary innovative pattern, eh? but I wanted a really simple pattern to lay down on this beautiful colorway. The 2x2 rib unstretched looks rather like st st…but without the curl…and it’s real “cushy” feeling!

[B]Here is my pattern:[/B]
With [B]US8, [/B]cast on 30st.
[B]Work a foundation row:[/B] [U]purl across all stitches[/U]
Change to a [B]US9,[/B] and begin working the Rib Pattern as follows:
[B]RS[/B] Row 1: K1, (K2P2)x7, end K1.
[B]WS [/B]Row 2: repeat Row 1
Continue Rows 1 & 2 til desired length.
End with a WS by working ‘Purl Only’ as you bind off.

[B]The purpose[/B] [B]of[/B] the initial ‘foundation row’ is to give a slight ‘flare’ to the end of the scarf.
It is ‘a look’ that I like.
[B]The purpose[/B] [B]of[/B] using a US8 for cast-on and the foundation row is ‘neatness’.
The US9 for cast-on and foundation row is just too darn messy with this yarn!

Bianca’s scarf.

Keoni’s Scarf (colorway #110), also 3"x52".

Fiona’s Scarf:

Laila’s Scarf:

Fiona & Laila: (sisters)

Bianca & Keoni: (sister and brother)

What a pretty scarf! The colors are lovely :heart:

That is really pretty! I bet she loves it!

How pretty! It sure does look nice and cushy!!

So pretty!!! I love mini mochi :oD

That scarf is so pretty!! I love that yarn.

Very pretty – I love the colors!

LOVE it! and I LOVE the Mini Mochi! I’ve done two scarves with it and love working with it. What other colors did you get? They have such beautiful color ways!

Ohhh this is beautiful :slight_smile: I wish we in Iceland had all that beautiful yarn that you guys have

I went wild! I bought 3 of the pastels, 1 blues/greens/purples, 1 purples/caramels/camels, and 1 brights reds/blues/golds/greens!

Color 105

Color 110

Color 115

Knit up a scarf for Bianca’s brother using color 110!

Bianca and Keoni’s scarves!

I love the colors in both scarves! I bet they’ll love them!!

Lovely ArtLady! That yarn looks a joy to work with, seeing all those colors fall into place.

Beautiful scarves! That yarn line is calling my name and has been for some time… perhaps it’s time to answer the call:happydance:

Finished two more scarves for Fiona and Laila! Same yarn, same pattern!

For Fiona: (color 105)

For Laila: (color 111)

So cute! Great colorways!

Those colors are beyond wonderful!!!

Those are all great colors…I think I like 105 best. So…these all just used one skein per scarf? Where’s the best on-line site to get this yarn? I may just need some, too:teehee:

Yes, just one skein. The scarf is only 3" wide when the ribs are accordioned together. But it is long! Perfect for a little kid to wear it in lots of configurations!

I dunno where to buy it online. It leaped into my arms at the LYS about 10 days ago! I’ve been crazy knitting on it since!

It is a Crystal Palace yarn. So, try WEBS first. Then Jimmy Beans.

I googled it and got lots of hits. Yarnmarket has it!

many thanks!

Nice scarves! The colors are so cool. Thanks for sharing your pattern.