FO: Scarves & Cloths

Been knitting up a storm over here, thought I’d share what I’ve been doing!

For some reason the scarves and cloths so look to the reply to see the cloths

and here are my cloths

Those are great! So pretty!

Both your scarves and your cloths came out perfect. They are all so bright and cheery.

Are these the dishcloths that people were wanting to buy? I see why they love them so much, but I hope you aren’t spending all your time knitting something you don’t really want to knit.

And what kind of yarn did you use for the scarves?

Beautiful scarves and your cloths are all bright and cheery too. You have been busy.

Beautiful work! :muah:

These are the ones people wanted to buy, I haven’t given any away or sold any, they have just been for mom so far :slight_smile: However I am still considering selling them…

The scarves are SUCH easy knits, they are 8sts wide in garter stitch, I used Estelle Frill Seeker yarn ($14.99)for the purple one and Estelle Frill Seeker Precious Metal ($7.99) for the black and grey sparkley one. You should see the ladies at work going nuts over the two of them. I am not a big fan of the purple one because I think it’s too puffy, but the black and grey one I love!

The scarves are so glamorous. I love them both.
The cloths are bright and beautiful and such a thoughtful gift for your Mom. Well done!

I picked up a different kind of yarn last night by Estelle and loved the way it knit up.

I like this one, too! Very pretty.

Now these you might could sell–especially if you can whip them out really fast. But then again, who wants to spend all their time just making scarves?

Love your scarves! They are popular here, too. I often see them on people and I know at least one person who is selling them on kijiji. You might have some luck!

My goodness! You have been knitting up a storm! I love the scarves. What type of yarn did you use for the first batch? The dish cloths are nice, too.

Ok I won’t lie. I sold the black and grey one right off my neck haha! I do like it though so I went and bought more yarn to make another one for myself.

The yarn for the black and grey scarf is “Frill Seeker Yarn Precious Metal Light” ($7.99) by Estelle

The purple is just “Frill Seeker Yarn” by Estelle ($14.99)

Yarns by Estelle are here

OMG! Very nice work! You sure do find some nice yarn to work with, too!