FO: Scarf

This is the scarf I was working on before the baby blanket crisis. I finished it earlier this week.

I love this scarf (knit if for #2 daughter). It’s the Bernat Satin pattern and is a palindrome scarf. I used Plymouth Tweed black worsted and #8 needles.

I modified the pattern by knitting 16 rows before starting the cable. I also knit an 8-row cable rather than 6-row called for in pattern. Scarf is 6 x 68 inches. Had a few yards left of the second skein.

Black is hard to photograph so I took the second photo looking down at the scarf to get a detail closeup.
Click on photos for larger view.


Very nice Judy! :thumbsup:

Nice work! I’m sure she’ll love it! :cheering:

It’s a beautiful scarf! :thumbsup: I thought the palindrome had multiple reversible cables though. :??

[U]The Pallindrome Scarf [/U]does have multiple cables but, as I’m discovering, there are other patterns for scarfs that are pallindromes…it’s all in how the knits and purls are used. If it’s the same on both sides it’s a pallindrome. In this particular pattern the cable is made with K1, P1 x 3 to the cable needle held in back of work, K1, P1 x 3 on left needle, then work stitches on cable needle. With the Plymouth Encore Tweed the cable is nice and thick and shows up well in the black yarn. I have some Galway in red that I’m considering using for a pallindrome scarf for me…one of these days.

P.S. Check out Ravelry for “reversible cable scarf”. There are lots of reversible patterns, some free, some not.

Love your modifications Judy!! It turned out beautiful!

That looks wonderful. I’m sure your daughter will love it.

Good point! Didn’t notice that you’d said it was [I]a[/I] palindrome scarf not [I]the[/I] Palindrome Scarf. I wasn’t thinking outside the box. :thumbsup:

This is so nice! I love black tweed! I recently purchased 3 colors of Plymouth Tweed!
It is really a nice yarn! You did a great job on your scarf!

Nice work. It sure looks warm.