FO: scarf

I’ve made this scarf in 2 days. Finished it yesterday. The yarn I used is a novelty yarn from wales. I’ts called sirdar fizz. It was rather hard to knit with, but I really like how it looks.

Our little doggy showing my scarf:

Cute! …and your little dog too! … :slight_smile:

I don’t usually like novelty yarns, but this one looks great. Kind of fun accessory. Is it ichy?

Very Nice


What a cute scarf! I’ll bet that yarn was hard to knit with, but you did a great job. It’s going to be fun to wear. And a very sweet little model, too.

What a cute scarf! You are sure to get noticed when you wear it!

[B][COLOR=“Indigo”]he scarf is VERY nice, but it’s the dog that drew my attention! CUTE!!! :slight_smile:


That’s a super cute scarf! I bet it was really hard to knit with! Your dog makes an excellent model!!


No it’s very soft. I’m not a great fan of novelty yarn either, bur I really liked this one.

Looks like it would be hard to knit with, but the end result looks great.

This is one of those times when I think the novelty yarn looks really good! Great choice on the yarn, it makes an excellent scarf! Beautiful work :happydance:

Looks like a boa! Love it.

sweet pup. :heart: