FO: Scarf

This is the scarf I made for one of my sisters for Christmas. Pattern is “Julie” from Allyson’s Darn Yarns. Scarf is 62" w/o fringe. Made in Patons Aran on #7 needles. Resizing the photo takes away some of the detail, but you get the idea… :shrug:

oooh, very nice!!

That is beautiful! What a lovely gift!

Very pretty! Is it a reversible pattern?

That is pretty!! I love the pattern in that ivory color.

That’s so nice! Congrats ! :cheering:


gorgeous! :cheering: :cheering:

That is so pretty! :heart:

oooh, i love a long, winter-white scarf!
she’ll love it, for sure…

Thank you to all for your kind words!

It’s not a reversible pattern, but the back of the scarf is not unattractive…all purl rows with indentations made by the cables. I’d take a picture, but the scarf is already on its way to France.