FO ~ scarf using Wool-Ease

Finally finished my THIRD project :happydance:

This is a scarf for my 12 yr old. I made it with LB Wool-Ease thick and Quick. The color is Claret 143 and is REALLY beautiful, the pictures don’t give it justice.

I used size 13 needles (my first pair of bamboo :thumbsup: ) And I didn’t follow a pattern. It was learning piece to do Stockinette. Then first end were mistakes that I decided to leave and make it a decorative end :roflhard: I basically just mimicked it for the other end. Didn’t turn out EXACTLY the same since the first time was a mistake and all. But nonetheless its close.

ALso… I had issues with curling (note to self… don’t do a scarf in Stockinette) but I blocked it last night after I was done with it and its laying pretty flat now.

Ok enough rambling… here it is.

and a close up of the ends that don’t “quite” match


Why is it that you are beating me in posts counts EVERYWHERE? :thinking:

Because I have no life… DUH! :roflhard:

It looks great! I just finished one in same yarn - will add picturs tonight - I love how it turned out, it was very forgiving and made up so nice and quickly!

Because I have no life… DUH! :roflhard:[/quote]

Oh ok, that’s right. :roflhard:

One way to eliminate curling on the ends is to do 3 or 4 stitches on each row garter (so knit 3 or 4 stitches on each end each row) This helps make it lie flat.

It looks just WONDERFUL :cheering: :cheering:

Even if it curls a bit, it will be warm and soft and purty!!

That’s really pretty. I LOVE :inlove: LOVE that color! Great scarf!

It looks great!! I did the same thing with my scarf- made a mistake on one end, and turned it into a “decorative touch”. :cheering:
Good job! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone! I am glad its done… it really didn’t take all that long either. I love that thick stuff! :thumbsup: