FO: Scarf for a friend

I have a very good friend named Patience. She moved to the UK from the USA and is really down missing her family this time of year. This is a scarf for her. She said it would be like wearing a hug from a friend :heart:

I had my DD model it for photos. It’s 11 inches wide and 60 inches long. Plus I added little tassels.

That’s really nice! Looks so cozy~adorable little model, too :slight_smile:

Thank you!! It’s really soft. I think it’s a perfect ‘hug’ for my friend

What a lucky friend! Great job, cute model

Isn’t that the best kind of gift there is? What a pretty scarf, and what a thoughtful gift!

I agree it is the BEST kind of gift

Such an elegant looking scarf…and your daughter looks so cute in it.

Sure you don’t want to knit another one for her? :slight_smile:

It looks positively delicious! And, a 60" scarf is so versatile! Great work!

LOL she has two!! :teehee:

Freja is adorable . . . and looks great in the scarf.

What a pretty scarf and an adorable little girl!

Gorgeous! Both the scarf and daughter!

Beautiful scarf and darling little girl!!