FO: Saucy marries KHAKI CABLES!


I finished KHAKI CABLES cardigan back in August. Have worn it to church about 3 times. Ack. Just couldn’t find the right shirt for it. Always fussin’ and squirmin’ with the collar, the sleeves, you name it. :hair:

All of my white camisoles and tanks were not the right “white”.

[B]KHAKI CABLES[/B] is a pure white. So every one of my camisoles and tops looked crummy. :pout:

So then I had this lightbulb moment! I had about 4 skeins left over…so why not? I made this Saucy tank top. Knit in the round…a simple ‘up the middle’ cable…3 st I-cord straps. Voila! Also threaded cord elastic across the top to keep it snug across the chest.

It looks bell shaped in the photo. It isn’t. It hangs wierd on the hanger. Saucy is straight up. No shaping. I did some decreases towards the top, of course. (BTW: “Saucy” is the name of the yarn)

[COLOR=Blue][B]Khaki Cables finally found a mate! [/B]
And I have a Sweater Set! :thumbsup:[/COLOR]

Wore it to church with a longish dark blue denim gored skirt.
I didn’t squirm and fuss around in my seat! :woot:

Wowzers! That is beautiful! I don’t like spaghetti straps on myself (boobs too big),but I love the overall effect. :cheering:

Your sweater set is just beautiful!!! And smart thinking on the camisole to go!

Hi Jan! :waving: Thanks! Yeah, the spaghetti straps are really just ‘window dressing’! I added 'em as a ‘fail safe’! The top stays up on its own actually. The cord elastic, plus I decreased the ‘rounds’ sufficiently to make it a snug fit over the chest.

I sure didn’t wanna have DH fussin’ with ‘cleavage alerts’ during church! :eyes: You know how that is. He is 6’1"…I am 5’0"…from his perspective…he sees the top of my head and down my camisole! I tell him to “chill…no one else is going to be looming over me, lookin’ at my little bit.” Ack.

Anyway, I like to wear tank tops with a snug fit and kinda high across the chest myself. I think they look better.

OMGosh that’s lovely! :inlove: And you are so clever :notworthy:

And like Jan, me and spaghetti straps are a bad-combo–like socks and sandals:teehee:–my anatomy and thin straps-NOT a pretty sight. :shock::ick:

And yeah sure Saucy:wink: is the name of the yarn–:roflhard:

Purly Girl, you tickle me! Really really…it is called Saucy! :eyebrow:
A wierd name for a workhorse mercerized yarn, eh?

Again with the gorgeous knits Artlady! :passedout:And of course you had to put your yarn next to that gorgeous cabled afghan that I have the yarn for but yet to make!:hair:

Thanks Mulder!! Nice to hear from ya! :muah:


That is so pretty! :slight_smile:


How creative! Should make for a great complement to your cardi.

I recently did a cardi in Saucy (their ‘navy’…which I bought at my LYS). Took my garment in to them a couple days ago to show how the same-numbered dye lots didn’t match. There’s quite a bit of ‘gradiation’ even w/in a given skein. I also found the weight of the yarn wasn’t consistent (some skeins thick, thinner). You’d not have had dye issues but did you find inconsistencies of yarn thickness? Having said that, I did like the actual yarn and the resulting color has kind of a ‘washed/faded’ look.


Great Job!! Looks like a perfect match!

Good idea! Looks great, and it’s nice to now have a “sweater set” - easy grab while dressing with no thinking needed :wink:

ArtLady, you’re amazing! What a gorgeous little top – I’ll bet it goes with your cardigan perfectly. And you sound as if it’s just a little something you whipped up. I’m so impressed.

So true!!! :thumbsup: Thanks for your kind words, everyone! :happydance:

Hi Slim! :waving: Thanks! It was brought about by pure necessity! Besides, that KHAKI CABLES cardigan is kinda too hot with a shirt or blouse. I really needed a sleeveless something. Glad the yarn was relatively cheap and I bought a boatload of it at the time! :thumbsup:

I have 2 remaining skeins. Know what I’m goona do with it?
Make MYSELF some darn nice dishcloths! Tired of the Sugar ‘n’ Cream stuff…the way it shrinks, distorts and gets all ugly after 10 washings. Only good for the rag bag after awhile. NO JOKE! :pout:

What a great idea!! I love it…very pretty :thumbsup:


What a great idea!


I found you! It is so nice to see you active again. I just posted somewhere that I hadn’t noticed you in a while.

This is really a good idea. If you don’t have anything that matches, make something. Did you make this without a pattern? I thought you didn’t do that? See you can too. :slight_smile:

Hi’ya Merigold! :waving:

I have been active! Sorry we have missed each other! I have been heavily participating in some threads…and haven’t had time to jump into a lot of other threads. I try to view some of the Whatcha Knitting posts and send comments! It is validating when others like your work! Sometimes it is only our KH brothers and sisters who give a hoot about our work, ya know what I mean?

We go over to our Eastern Washington property for one week in May, June, July, August, and October. Other than that, we are home-bodies! I get antsy during those weeks because it is OFF THE GRID…no elec, no tele, no internet. :pout: It is relaxing, but I am always ready to come home!

I looked for “knit in the round” tank tops in all my books just to get an idea of how many stitches to cast on…but other than that…yeah…this baby was my design. That said, guess what? I got about 10" up…and realized that it was going to be size gargantua…and had to frog it back and eliminate over 100 stitches. What was I thinking!!! Well, that is what comes with the territory when you are flyin’ by the seat of yer pants, huh? Sigh. Anyway, I really like it…it fits PERFECTLY. It will serve the purpose under my cardigan!

Stay in touch! Are you on the Ravelry waiting list?

My DH went over to the property this weekend (building materials supply run)…and he said that a bear, or the wild dogs on the mountain, had up-ended our propane BBQ grill!
No other damage in camp however. Hmmm. I asked him about the tracks around the BBQ…and he said he forgot TO LOOK. Then his tracks were all over. He did not see any semblance of a bear paw…just dogs. Well, we have two Treeing Walker Coonhounds…but, we thought their prints would have been blown away by now (we came home on Aug 19). There are wild dogs that bark and bark and bark starting every late afternoon and into almost dawn. What a racket. Coyotes don’t do that. Do you think wild dogs could or would up-end a big BBQ GRILL?



That is so cute! I was looking for a pattern like that when I was going to make myself a summer top. I need more fullness at the bottom to accomodate the saddlebags, but it would either have to have wider straps or a yoke. Definately can’t go braless!! Someday I’m going to suprise everyone and actually get the hang of cables. Good seeing your work, it’s always well done and inspiring!