FO: Sarah's Cabled Hat

My partners mom was in town recently and while we were at some random tourist-y store she tried to buy a boring plain knit hat. Claiming she had no idea where to get a red knit hat… not to mention the hat she tried to buy didn’t even come close to matching her coat.

Long story short, I dragged her to my favorite LYS and we picked out some Lana D’oro in a red that nearly perfectly matched her coat, then headed home so she could pick out a pattern on Ravelry (not gonna lie, I weeded through some that just looked too time consuming…).

I also loved her amazement watching the swift and winder work the hank of yarn into a ball :o)

Here is the result!

Nice work! I’m sure she’ll really appreciate the gift … it’s beautiful!

Very nice! I just love cable patterns. :slight_smile:

Very nice work and it looks like a great fit! Something to cherish for a long time.

Very nice!! I bet she’ll love it :slight_smile:

Great job! Love the results and the color is beautiful!

Very nice, and thoughtful! I thought you swore off cables… :wink:

Wonderful story! Wonderful hat, too! Thanks Evan! You’re a keeper!

It’s funny you say that!!! When she and I were looking through Ravelry patterns my partner chimes in “Wouldn’t you like something with cables on it?” (knowing full well I swore off cables) and her response was “Ohhhh that would be wonderful!” … I just shook my head and dug out a cable needle ;o)

You’re a sweetheart, and the hat is cute too!