FO: Sapphire Raglan Sweater

I finally finished the sweater. I think it came out ok for a first attempt.

I think it looks great, Mason! I remember the sleeve issue, but I think they are perfect~ :yay:

That is terrific!!! I, too, remember the sleeve issue but I think the sleeves look great. :cheering:


I think, for a first attempt, you did a FANTASTIC job!! That sweater looks really great! It fits you perfectly! The sleeves look just right! It’s a wonderful colour! You really outdid yourself this time Mason. Congrats! Now on to the hat!!!

Love the color, Mason. The sweater looks awesome.

:cheering: :thumbsup:

Yay, the finished sweater! It looks great – definitely loving the color and the sleeves :thumbsup:

You did that? :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you make the rounds back to the bar where that was asked.

I also like the color.

Looks great, love that color.

Nice, as always! :slight_smile:

The sweater looks just great and the sleeves are perfect. Love that color too. What’s next on your list?

Very nice job- it looks great

I love it! :slight_smile:

I’m going to make a matching hat. After that, who knows?

YaY, It’s all finished! I’ve been following your progress on it. Turned out great.

Nice! I like the color and it fits perfectly!:cheering:

Mason, it looks awesome :yay::yay::yay:! And i think that after putting your avatar and the photo together - the color is great for you! You’ve done a great job on that one. So now - on to new techniques! What’s on your queue?

It looks great. You should be so proud of yourself, especially making up your ‘pattern’ as you went to get a custom fit. The sleeves look good, and if they are comfortable for you, then they’re perfect.

Beautiful – and it looks great on you. Wear it in good health.

It’s perfect!!! And I love the color!:cheering: