FO: Santa Ornament

So I’m fairly new to knitting [and this forum], but I decided to challenge myself with a pattern I came up with. I made 12 of these for family and various friends from school [mostly because there are 12 candy canes in a box :slight_smile: ].

The bottom part I did as an I-cord so I could put a candycane inside, and they could hang it on their tree. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Welcome to Knitting Help!!

I think it’s awesome and would love to have the pattern! :yay:

How cute, can you share the pattern?:heart:

As I said before, I’m new to knitting, and I’ve never written a pattern, so if I confuse you, please let me know :]

I used red, white, black, and a tan colored yarn. It was just cheap yarn I found at Walmart, so brand isn’t really too important. If you find a way that is easier or looks better, by all means, edit the pattern. When I knitted these, I was a bit confused, and I ended up doing Combined knitting and Continental purling, so my purling sticks out farther than my knitting. Generally, anything that’s white should stick out [Beard, bottom of hat]. Everything else should recede.

-CO 7 stitches with red yarn.
-Knit an I-cord for about an inch[ish]
-Switch to white yarn.
-Purl across.
-Purl across, increasing one on each side. You should now have 9 stitches.
-Purl across.
-Purl across, increasing one on each side. You should have 11 stitches.
-Purl 4, then switch to tan yarn. Knit 3, then switch back to white. Purl 4.
-Purl 2, then switch to tan yarn. Knit 7, then switch back to white. Purl 2.
-Switch back to tan yarn and knit all the way across.
-Knit 4, purl 3, knit 4.
-Knit 2 in tan, then switch to black and knit 2. Switch back to tan and knit 3. Switch to black and knit 2. Switch to tan and knit 2. [Tan, tan, black, black, tan, tan, tan, black, black, tan, tan.]
-Knit across in tan.
-Switch to white and purl 3 rounds.
-Switch to red and knit across.
-K2tog, knit until 2 stitches left, SSK.
-Knit back.
-Repeat last 2 steps until there are 3 stitches remaining.
-Switch to white. I knit an extra row here, but it’s not really necessary. I just find it easier.
-Knit 1, then create a bobble, about 5 stitches wide. Knit 1.
-Cast off.

Put a candy cane inside the I-cord if you wish :]
I used red yarn to tie on a gift tag.

Very cute!

Adorable! Thanks for the pattern!

Cute, cute, cute!!

Really cute! It is great that you are designing already. You really used what you know well. Using the rev St st to make things have depth is very affective. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

That’s very cute! (and clever of you too.) Thanks for the pattern.