FO: Santa Hat

Santa Hat

It only took me one day to knit this. And I didn’t make a gauge :oops: and it was intended for my daughter, but as you can see it fits my husband better. :lol:

Michelle, the hat looks great!! Cute husband, too! :wink:

Really cute!

What fun! Looks like your hubby enjoys it as well!


Too cute! Absolutely adorable!!

THAT is just TOO COOL! :cheering:

nice hat. very cool. Bet that stays arond 30 years. All our handmade christmas stuff last and lasts and is such a tradition now.

Cute hat, cute guy! :thumbsup:

Now that looks like a very fun project! Cute!

Hee! How fun! Great job! :thumbsup:

Very cute. How fun! :cheering:

You guys are too kind.

No stop, really. [size=tiny]Keep it coming[/size]

It was fun to do.

I have seen it… but wanted to also chime in and say how I think its AWESOME! You did a great job.

Steven looks so cute in it too!

(psst… hey girls, doesn’t he look like he could be Patrick Dempseys brother?!) :inlove:

:happydance: thats really cute!!! :thumbsup: