FO: Sampler Afghan

I just finished this sampler afghan two weeks ago. It took me forever to sew all the squares together! It’s definitely a long way from perfect, but it was fun to learn all the different stitch patterns and experiment with lace and cables and such. I’m proud of myself for actually finishing it…I think I knit the first few squares over a year ago before really getting serious about finishing it this summer.

What a beautiful afghan! You did a fantastic job on it and should be proud! :thumbsup:

very pretty

Wow, that’s spectacular! A+ all around. And now you get to enjoy this beautiful afghan. Well done.

I love these kinds of afghans, and yours is lovely! Congrats on your completed project and kudos for sticking with it. Well worth the effort!

That’s beautiful! It’s sure to become a family heirloom.

Thank you, all!

WOW! This is stunning! I love white blankets! So fresh! They also work in any color scheme! Great job!

Indeed you should be proud of it!!:muah: A lot to be learned on such a project and a beautiful outcome. What dedication.

That is a beautiful afghan! You should be very proud of yourself for finishing it.

It is absoluetely spectacular! Just gorgeous. Mistakes just make whatever you are knitting more human. :inlove:

That’s so lovely! Congratulations on a beautiful FO!

I really love this, amazing work.

How beautiful!

Love all the different textures and stitches! What size are the panels?

You are all too sweet! Thank you for the kind comments!

I knit them to about 12" x 12" before blocking and a single crochet border for each one. The finished blanket is probably closer to 14" x 14" per panel with the borders and stretch factor.

Gadzooks, what a beautiful thing!
Very nice! Love it!