FO: Sally Ann Doll

This is the newest addition to my collection. Isn’t she sweet?:woot: She is from a sirdar pattern and made in DK

She is beautiful ! You did a wonderful job on her . She is a cutie :slight_smile:

She is adorable!!! Love the ruffled panties! :thumbsup:

Oh, she’s adorable! Very nice work!

Just precious! Great job!!!

So cute :slight_smile: Awesome job!

This doll is priceless, you are very talented! Love the little ruffled panties.

She is very cute.

OH that is toooo cute!!!

:happydance: :happydance: :blooby: an awesome babydoll… :yay:

:passedout: that is just too cute…

What a beautiful doll. Just perfect. I love the way she is showing us her panties. Just like some little girls do. This represents a lot of work. You can be very proud of her. You say she is part of a collection? Have you made a lot of dolls?

She is too cute!!! Love those little ruffle panties …

I love making dolls and toys most. She was actually ordered by a customer so I will make another one. There are three dollies in the collection, the other girlie is a sugar plum doll with even more frills but I want to do it in white and I am waiting for a delivery of the knitting in lace. We dont get the proper knitting in lace here so I use another one that you can push your needle through and it works just as well. My son is in love with her and he keeps on brining her to me and saying “look mommy, baby!”

She is adorable!!!

Do you know if the Sirdar pattern is still available? I’l “google” it and see what come up.

SO PRECIOUS! You did a GREAT JOB! I love her.

She looks wonderful and totally adorable. Great job! Wish I had a granddaughter so I could make and give her one. I don’t think my grandsons would go for it. :rofl:

Aww ~! She is really cute! Great job!:yay:

CUTE isn’t a good enough word for this adorable doll!
She is FANTASTIC…and so are you!!!

OMG, they just don’t get any cuter than that! I hope to make such a wonderful doll myself down the road.