FO: Sailor collar cardigan on my Mom

I finished this sweater for my mom with the help of my neice (age 13) who knit the collar, my sister, who frequently answers my knitting questions over the phone, and many of YOU here on KH! Thanks to all of you who helped me with sizing issues! As you can see, it looks great on my mom.:heart:

Here’s my mom in the FO standing on their deck in Gig Harbor, WA.

This second picture is (from left) me, my mom, my sister Julie (who gave me lots of phone help) in the background and my neice, Johanna, who knit the collar.

You did a great job! It looks awesome!

I love it, it looks great! And such a nice family project!

That’s really cute!

Beautiful work. You are an expert!

Perfection!!! :slight_smile:


The sweater looks great on your mom! I think it’s wonderful that you have other knitters in your family. It must really be fun to show off your projects to one another!

That looks so professional - how lovely to have a family with other knitters to collaborate with! Your mum looks pretty happy with it too!:cheering:

that is a great sweater!

It looks terrific! I love the pattern and the color and it looks great on your mom!

What a great looking sweater! It fits your mum perfectly, and the colour really suits her. Well done!

Beautiful. What is the pattern? You have a great looking family, too.

So cool, I love the sailor themed knits, I see the navy and white everywhere and love it. It’s so cool that it was a joint knitting effort. Very nice.

We do have fun knitting together when we can. Unfortuately, they’re in Washington state and I live in Texas. I thought I’d share my Knitting with Kneices picture. This is Rachel, me and Johanna knitting together.

that looks very!! nice. you did a great job!.

The pattern is a vinage pattern that (believe it or not!) my grandmother made for me and my sisters when we were little. It was printed in all sizes, but believe me, the sizing is VERY different from current sizing. My mom’s ended up being a size 18, although she generally wears a size 8!

Your mom looks very happy and proud! It’s a beautiful sweater and a perfect fit! Lovely family, too.

Oh! I left off one other family member who contributed! My Aunt Geri is the one who had the pattern from my Grandmother and she also spent part of the afternoon of the 4th of July sewing on the collar. She does a really neat stitch that makes the collar seam roll really nicely. Thanks, Aunt!:heart::hug::heart:

wow! That is a beautiful sweater and your mom looks great in it!
Also, I love how you postioned her with the water in the background, very fitting! I take pictures (I used to work as a photographer) of all my finished products, so I picked up on your great photo!

It’s fabulous!
I [I]want[/I] it.