Fo Sahara

The model and recipient is my best friend the sleeves weren’t finished but she wanted to take it home like that I think it looks great on her anyway I just used lionbrand cotton ease for my first one because I wasn’t sure I would be able to do the pattern I have already started another one for her in andean silk this one will have long sleeves.

Wow - that’s beautiful - great job.

That sweater is GORGEOUS!

Is that yarn nice to knit with? I was looking at it at Michaels the other day.

Great job!! :notworthy:

I have this pattern waiting in the wings. I think I will knit mine in Knit Pick’s shine worsted. Yours looks great!:heart:

It looks fantastic. What a great fit!

Thanks everyone.

That’s beautiful! Did you find it easy? I bought the pattern for my daughter.

I thought it was pretty easy.

Very pretty!

Very nice…great color on your friend! She looks quite pleased too!


Ah…the joys of knitting…

Wow…I didn’t realize this called for worsted. I’m more interested now. I love the job you did and the color, too.