FO(s) - Deathflake, Blue Cape and Grey Hat

My friend Jo just came home after a couple months in the middle of nowhere and I just KNEW she was someone who would totally appreciate the Deathflake! Second it my Ravlympics project being blocked it’s called Auld Lang Syne and was designed by my friend and LYS worker Melinda - it was fabulous to knit and I got to learn Japanese short rows. The final hat is for my friends grandfather who is going through Chemo and he wanted a nice knitted hat. I personally think it’s kind of a boring hat because it’s grey, but that’s what was requested :o)

You are such a great knitter! I personally love the grey hat, too! Sometimes it’s the basics that are worn and worn and worn! It’s a great knit!

That is too true, and sometimes I forget it. James (the other half ;o) LOVES LOVES LOVES his basic green hat. It’s green and it covers his ears and that’s all that matter :o)

Thanks so much for reminding me!

Great job Evan! Love the Deathflake hat too!! :slight_smile: The gray may be boring to you but as long as he loves it that’s what matters. The wrap looks wonderful too!! Beautiful soft color. :wink:

They are all fantastic! That Deathflake is awesome. Have to make one for the offspring!

Love the deathflake hat! I’m definitely going to have to make one of those! Great job :cheering:

I love the Deathflake one the most, but the other two are great as well. Nice work!

Here’s a new picture of the cape, all blocked with ribbon and outside on the trees :o)

Good work - you are a very talented guy.