FO - Ruffles and Ribs scarf

OK, guys here’s my first “real” project. Unfortunately, all I have is a cr@ppy camera phone. I tried pics indoors and out, but neither came out very well, so you will have to use your imagination on the color. It is a very dark rich forest green in real life. The yarn is Muench Yarn’s “Touch Me.” It is a beautiful soft chenille yarn, and it feels like a dream. It was a pain to knit with, as the yarn twists horribly, but now that it is done, it is great. Of course I’ve finished it just in time for the warm weather here in Texas, but that’s ok. If anybody, wants the pattern, let me know, it was a freebie from the LYS. It’s super easy. So here it is. Just use your imagination on the color.


Very pretty!

Don’t you love that pattern? I made one for my mom and am almost finished with mine. I made a matching headband/earwarmer also.

That is really nice! Would you mind sharing the pattern with me!!


Here’s a link to the pattern I used. Maybe Stacy can confirm if it’s the one she used also.

Yes it is the one I used, although instead of casting on 60 sts, I cast on 76 sts, as I was using a different yarn. It still came out to be only a little over 3 in wide. If the yarn I used weren’t so expensive, I would have done it even wider. For the rib pattern, it just has to be a multiple of 4, plus 3. To get the number of sts to cast on, multiply that times four. Then follow the pattern from there.