FO: Ruffle scarf, bracelets, and another bear

Hi again,

I have a number of projects that I recently finished but didn’t have a chance to take a picture of or post. So here they are. This scarf is a ‘thank you’ gift. For all continental style knitters – it is much easier to learn to knit English style for this project than try to unfold the yarn with the left hand.

This is a mixed-media project with my multi-craft-y friend who loves embroidery. I made a simple tube for her and she added the details.

And I am slowly chugging along with my ‘write your own message’ bracelet. So far I have the alphabet knitted so now I know which letters need some creative re-charting…

And if you made is so far – a bonus bear 'cause they are cute :slight_smile: Now it’s my favourite mindless ‘to go’ project.


Thanks for sharing those here! That’s a great scarf! And as always love the bears and the creativeness of the cuffs!

Everything looks terrific!

Lovely projects all! Love the embroidery and wish I had the patience to do it! Nyah! Guess I better not as that would mean I’d need more space for more craft junk.

Good job on all of these!

The scarf is really pretty. Is the yarn hard to work with?
I LOVE the embroidery! It’s really beautiful and lends such a touch to any project.
Yay for bears, those are my favorite!

Well, I [I]hated[/I] knitting this scarf. It’s not hard but sort of very annoying… you have to spread the mesh and knit through the very top thread every 2 inches or so.

This is an English style video

It is as awkward as it looks :slight_smile: I used English-style knitting but held my right-hand needle almost parallel to the left-hand needle so that I woudn’t have to go ‘around’ like the lady in the video does. Well, it does make an interesting scarf and it’s a fast project. But I doubt I will make another :slight_smile:

This is a continental style video

You’ve been very busy, again. Fantastic projects, scarf and bracelets, and the bear is the icing on the cupcake. Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures.

Thanks for the videos. So something my mom would want me to make for her, but I’m not ready for that yet. :slight_smile:

I think it was gorgeous. Very well done!


Nice collection, Olha! My special is that Teddy Bear! The Colorway really turned out nice! Great color distribution! :thumbsup: