FO: ruffle cravat from one skein

Here’s my latest crochet project… I was busily knitting from the book One Skein by Leigh Radford, and I saw these two crochet patterns for a Ruffle Cravat and a crochet cap. I had a couple balls of Lion Brand Cashmere blend just crying out for a project like this. So… there you have it. The cravat was made mostly during a particularly infuriating staff meeting where if I wasn’t doing something with my hands I would have throttled someone. The pattern is nice and easy to memorize, yet looks very fancy.

Because the cashmere blend yarn isn’t as bulky as the pattern, I went down a hook size or 2 from the pattern, and just did more repeats to make it long enough for my liking. I think I used 1 3/4 balls of the yarn for it.

To get the lacier look of the hat I stayed with the huge hook. I’m not so crazy about the hat, but that’s ok.

Thanks for looking!!

OOOO I likey!!!