FO: Rorshach inspired Artlady...Ballband Dishcloths!

Thanks Rorshach! I love this dishcloth pattern! I’ve knit up 3 of them! Can’t seem to quit! Bad Artlady! I have 3 sweaters to get done by July 5th…and I spend two days doing dishcloths. lol

This cotton is ancient Sugar’n Cream! Nice to use it up! The little guys are scrubbies.

This red & tan Ballband Dishcloth (below) was my first attempt at the pattern.
(It’s the DISHIE cotton by KnitPicks…no one’s getting my DISHIE dishcloths! lol)

The sides are lousy. Couldn’t get that crochet edging on the east & west sides to look right. Meh. This one is for me. But on the white & blue dishcloths, I managed to find a way to carry the yarn up the sides that is real tidy…therefore no need for that awful crochet edge on the sides.

I was very confused by the Ballband pattern at first cuz I was under the impression that both sides look alike. No one ever seems to post what it looks like from the back. So here is a photo of the other side!

Oh, good ArtLady! I love this pattern. Thanks for the look at the other side.

Love them!! I have yet to try it, but I’ve read the pattern and it looks easy. I like both sides to be the same, but anytime you do something other than ribbing or garter they are different so just accept it.

I wish my first attempts were as pretty as yours. Thanks for sharing your nice work.


oh wow, ArtLady, those are perty.

I dunno . . . . those look too pretty to be scrubbing the dishes with!!

Nice knitting, well done. These things last soooo long.


Thanks so much for posting these pretty dishcloths, and the pattern link for them on another thread. I’ve got several WIP that take a bit more attention than I’m capable of at the moment. You know how it is sometimes: “finish something, ANYTHING, just FINISH!”

This pattern was the perfect finish me quick project: using Dishie Ivy and Tomato made for the perfect start on Christmas knitting. My ballband dishcloth looks just like a red brick wall with green mortar. Quite the festive mix and an easy knit to boot!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me get my completion fix! :muah:

Ooo bet those colors are pretty,Charlotte!! Perfect for Christmas!

I love them and the colors are great.

Nice job. Lots of little scrubbing bumpiness on these. :heart:

Sometimes you just have to take a break from doing large knitted things to doing smaller ones… instant gratification is good for the soul… not to mention the stash! :slight_smile:
Love the dishcloth and the scrubbies are sweet!

Fantastic! :thumbsup: I don’t know how I missed this thread before, I’m glad I found it now. I could say more but I gotta go find that pattern!