FO - Rolled Brim Hat

I have made a couple of hats - mostly watch-cap style with a ribbed edge - but I was very happy with this cute little hat!! :smiley:

And Miss Taylor looks pleased to be wearin it!! :cheering:

ooh it’s adorable? how many stitches did you cast on and are you using worsted?

That’s so cute and the model is adorable! :wink:

Hi, Carol,

Yes, it’s worsted weight acryllic. I used a US 6 16-inch circular needle (and size 6 dpns). I cast on 108 stitches and knit for 6 inches, then I began to do the crown decrease. I used the decrease that I used in the Family Watch Cap pattern that I found at

I love that hat! Nicely done!


awww how adorable she is!! great job on the hat :thumbsup:

Great job! So even. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info, Kelley!

The hat and the model are too cute!


That’s gotta be one of my favorite hat patterns as it’s so easy to do :slight_smile: And I love the look when they are done…



I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments!! Everyone on this site is SO sweet…I’m so happy to have a place to share my knitting problems and successes!!

Thanks, everyone!!

Oh my goodness that is an ADORABLE hat!!!

Good job!

I am currently working on my first hat :doh:

Very cute hat! Adorable model! Way to go! :happydance:

I am also doing my first hat. I think it is going to turn out too small for me, but my neice might like it.

Oh my, the hat is perfect…love it …model is too adorable :wink: