FO - Robin Hood Socks for my son, and WIP - socks for me

Pattern is Robin Hood’s Fireside Boots in Cat Bordhi’s [U]New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One[/U]

Yarn is KnitPicks Essential Sock in Riverbed, used just over one skien and size 5 needles (actually, used 2 circs each with a size 4 tip on the left, size 5 on the right)

From the front:

and the back:

The cuff is really neat, you knit a rectangle in the round (and start with Judy’s Magic Cast-on, that I simply adore! :heart: ) and then knit one stitch from each half of the rectangle together to form a double layer cuff, then you join the cuff in the round - giving you a split, double thick cuff. I can’t stop thinking about using this cuff style on a baby sweater for a soft, stretchy neck!

And, the piddling amount of progress I’ve made on the super cabled socks for me (pattern is Bayerische Socks by Eunny Jang ). In my defense, these poor socks keep getting overlooked - I still haven’t memorized the different cable patterns, and I have 3 kids, so “easy” knitting gets done during the day. Then there was the insane holiday knitting I decided to do at the last minute. No pics, but I knit 7 illusion wash cloths for the kid’s teachers, a 6ft slipstitch scarf for the school director, a short triangle shawl for my mom, a watch hat for my stepdad, a short wavy scarf for my sister, and the Hermione Hat from the not-yet-released Harry Potter movie for my stepmom ! Whew! Of course I decided that I wanted to knit these gifts on December 14th (what was I thinking!:shock: )

Oh! But I was going to show you that I’ve at least turned the heel and the cable pattern from the side of the instep flows nicely at the “heel corner” to become the side of the leg cable pattern!

Love the socks! And the Bayerische pattern is one that I’ve admired for a long time! Brave of you to do them with so much on your plate!

Your son’s socks are too cute. I love love them. And your socks are coming along beautifully! Really great work.

love them both! great job!

Great job on both of these!!! I especially love your WIP!

Wow, that’s a lot of knitting since Dec. 14! Beautiful work on the socks. Love the colors you chose, too.

Both look great!! And I thought I was crazy for sewing a bunch of gifts the week before-:shock: HA! Knitting them all the last 10 days is crazier :teehee: and I admire you for it :thumbsup:!! LOL!

How cute is his socks!! Love the socks for you :happydance:

they both look great! Those Robinhood socks are so cute and unique!!

Hehe, I didn’t feel admirable when I was in a crazed knitting frenzy - felt simply crazed! :teehee:

Thanks for all the compliments! :aww:

I think that the amount of your Christmas knitting is absolutely insane:shock: ! How did you do it? The socks are adorable and the cuff really cute. Now, finish these gorgeous cabled socks, they are beautiful!