FO: Rick Ryan Jacket done!

Pattern: My own version of a flight jacket aka bomber jacket
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed> 12 skeins
Knit for: my only sibling, Rick Ryan!

I still need to add facings to the inside of the buttonbands.
The black leather buttons are too heavy for the ribbing.
When the jacket is unbuttoned, the top button flops over. (sigh)

But, he loves it! With a white shirt and slacks for church, or with a pair of old blue jeans, as seen here, taken when he dropped by after work! Surprise! The jacket was ready for a try-on! I am also going to weave 4 rows of teensy (black) cord elastic through the bottom edge ribbing so that it fits his hips more snugly.

Here is a photo of how the pocket sits. The interior runs all the way over to the ribbing:

Very, Very Nice and it looks great on him! Fantastic color and as usual, you’ve done it very well!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

WOW that looks great. It fits him perfectly!! So far my own design trys have not turned out so well. You give me hope!!

Great job! Perfect fit for him and look at how proud he looks of it!


I am amazed that you knitted that! It looks like it fits him perfectly. I am lucky to have siblings since both of our parents have passed way. I have 3 sisters and one brother. I am the middle child of 5 .Of all of us I am the only one who sews, quilts and knits. I wish my mother could see everything I have made in the 5 years since she passed.

Oh I know what you mean! My parents are both deceased…my brother and I are both ‘craftsmen’! She never got to see us in our prime, cuz she died when she was in her prime (46 yrs old). He is a master woodworker, as well as a contractor/carpenter. And while I sell art for a living…I live for knitting! Anyway, my mother never really did see my knitting in full bloom! She was a seamstress, and she would have appreciated my knitting folder! I wish she was alive so that I could knit things for her!

Thanks for your kind words.

Great job on the bomber jacket. Thanks for the pic. :cheering:

It looks fabulous, Dollyce! I’m so glad he likes it! What will you face the button bands with?

That looks amazing! I really like how you did the pockets :slight_smile:


ANothe wonderful piece of knitting :slight_smile: It looks great on him. Fits him perfectly!!

Just as I did with my own blue (Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed) Central Park Hoodie…I made a facing out of the yarn itself.

With my brother’s…I am almost done! This time I did the facing a little smarter: I picked up stitches along the edge of the buttonband…knit 12 rows…then cast off on row 13. Then I folded it over and basted it to the inside edge that was the original pickup row for the buttonband ribbing itself. I did not do ribbing for the facing…just plain st st.

For the facing on the buttonhole side…I had to make buttonholes in the facing, of course. I used the “bind off 3” (on row 6)…then “cast on 3” on row7…then worked til row 12…then bind off on row 13 again.

The original buttonholes were ‘bind off 4’…but I they were kind loosish with the weight of these great big heavy leather buttons. So the facing’s buttonholes (being just bind off 3) will strengthen the buttonhole. I will, of course, bast them together…I think with DMC embroidery thread that’s an exact match…using teensy invisible stitches…rather than self yarn, which will bulk the hole up.
Don’t want that, but I’ll keep an open mind.

I must say…the buttons like being stitched down through double thickness. They aren’t floppy at all anymore.

I will post a photo of these facings…and also of the facings for my Central Park Hoodie, in which I had inserted/installed a zipper…so the edges of the ribbing seemed to need the stabilzation of the facings for some odd reason. I really like the outcome. Totally worth the effort. Just put in a movie, bite the bullet, and tinkrt with the thing til it’s right! :thumbsup: Finishing techniques and the finishing touches can make or break a garment IMHO.

i truley believe that there is an after life and they ‘know’ what you are doing. i know this is a bit yeah yeah yeah, but i do think that for example my gran is seeing what i do as i know how proud she’d be of me, and the fact i’l using HER patterns yarn and needles. i’ve not bought much as she had everything. i didnt do it when she was alive, i started month after she died.

the jacket is lovley though, the colours georgous. thin i will add tat yarn to the look at a pattern for the future list as dp would look fab in it. also the jacket hmmmm, not another one to add to the to do list :teehee:

It’s absolutely perfect! That yarn is the ideal choice for the design, and the fit couldn’t be better. Beautiful work, as always. What a lucky brother!

:woot: Great job!!

REally nice!!!

Very clever! Good to know that info, too! :thumbsup:

Way to go Artlady!!! :slight_smile: You always do a good job. :slight_smile:

Super!!! :cheering: Hopefully someday I’ll be able to do something like that!

Amazing piece of craftmanship. It looks so good on him, and here you were worried he wouldn’t like it.

Great work!

BTW, just how do you sell art?

I do home art shows, private consultations, etc. Please feel free to visit my website I’ve been in the art biz since 1980!

Thanks for asking!