FO - Rick Rack Purse & Baby Blanket

Here is the purse I made for my husband’s charity craft sale at his work. I didn’t line it though. She got to pick the colors and I was a little bummed that she is giving it to her 4 year old daughter who is a purse hound. But it gave me practice for when I want to do mine. I started it Tuesday and was done with ribbon and all by Saturday night (only get to knit after girls go down for nap and bed).



I made this blanket for my friend who is due in 5 weeks with her second baby. It is light yellow and although I am satisfied with the final product, I will NOT be offering to knit this one again…a pain in the rear!

Close up of pattern and mitered edging


I like the purse after felting better than before, nice job. And the baby blanket, WOW! it’s really beautiful! Looks like a pain in the butt pattern, but I’m sure she’ll love it. Wouldn’t it be a great compliment to you if she used it at the Christening? When I make things like that for other people and then find that they dont use them because they want to keep them as a keepsake it kinda hurts me. Hope she uses it a lot! Fabulous darling!

I am sure she will use the blanket. She asked me to make it actually when I said I was going to knit something for the baby. She told me it was going to be THE blanket for the baby. So, I know it was worth it.

They both look great !!! :woohoo:

Beautiful stuff. That blanket is gorgeous!!

Wow! Spectacular blanket, and adorable purse!

I LOVE the blanket! It’s so precious and not frilly! LOVE IT!!!
Can I ask what pattern you used?

both are wonderful :cheering:

I like the idea of the ribbon as an accent on the bag. And the blanket is gorgeous!!! WoW!


I used Tea for Two Baby Afghans by Leisure Arts. There are six patterns in there. I have made two of the six. The one I just made is called Dreamy Wrap (which is pictured on the front cover).


Those are too too pretty! I can see where the blanket would have given you fits, but wow, it just knocks my socks off!

They are both wonderful! The pattern for the blanket is so pretty!