FO - Rick Rack Purse - Another one done Added on Pg 2 - 6/26

I knit this purse for my sister’s birthday & shipped it out this morning. This purse is from the Rick Rack Purse pattern from Knit Picks. I used 1 hank each of Knit Picks Sierra in Bud and Grape. I knitted an i-cord to go through the eyelets instead of using ribbon or rick rack. I finished knitting the purse last weekend, felted it twice this past week and put the lining in it last night.

Before felting

After Felting

The pattern lets the bag stand on it’s own

After lining

I love the pattern - it was super simple and QUICK! The only think I’ll change on the next one (for my mom) is to knit the handles as one piece instead of having to join them in the middle (that didn’t work out well for me).

Edited on 6/26 to change title

The bag came out just beautiful. :cheering: What a big difference in the “before” and “after” felting. I love it. The lining is perfect too!!

That is absolutely beautiful!!!

Love that lining! That purse is adorable!

Love it! Just curious, did you use a sewing machine to put the liner in? Did you use a pattern to sew the liner? I felted a purse for my mom and did a liner, but that part was way harder then knitting the purse! :lol: I would love an easier way to do a liner.



Too cool! Those colors really work well together!

Thanks everyone! :wink:

The liner was a pain to do - this was my first one. Now that I figured it out it will be easier. I did it all by hand. I bought one of the little hand held sewing machines and that kinda worked, but I had to finish it by hand. I was planning on attaching it by hand anyway, which I did.

I used this link to get the basic idea of how to do it. It certinaly isn’t pretty - but it is the inside of the bag and the next one will be better. The most time consuming part was stitching it to the bag (I went around twice) but it was WELL worth it!

I love that purse. Once I venture into new things other than rectangles :slight_smile: I think I’ll try that one.

BTW: I love your CD.

I love the purple on the outside and the purple on the inside. I saw that pattern… I’ll have to put it on my list of possible things to do…

Edited to add that I think the lining looks good. They are eaier with a sewing machine however. The hand stitiching is time consuming too.

Good job.

(Does machine stitching work well through felted fabric? I’m about to try this and would like to know about any pitfalls.

BEAUTIFUL BAG sara_jayne!! What a great gift!

That is so cute!! You did a great job! :thumbsup: I need to add that pattern to my list!

Thanks everyone!! I can’t stress how super super simple the pattern is - it only took me about 5 hours (and that was WITH figuring out the pattern - I’m kinda slow sometimes :rollseyes: !).

(Does machine stitching work well through felted fabric? I’m about to try this and would like to know about any pitfalls.

I wonder about this too. I couldn’t justify buying a sewing machine and I have no where to put it…so I went with the hand sewing. I do wonder how it would look since it would knit onto the front of the bag.

That is so cute! It has the potential for so many color combinations!

(Does machine stitching work well through felted fabric? I’m about to try this and would like to know about any pitfalls.

The machine is helpful in sewing the lining itself. If you know how to sew and use a machine it’s pretty easy. However, the lining still needs to be hand stitched in to attach to the bag. If one is willing to take the time and does not have or know how to use a sewing machine a lining could be sewn all in hand stitches. But hand stitches need to be small and even. --I’m not so great at that. Sewing it on a machine is way easier.

I have wondered about using a machine to actually attach a lining- but the knitted fabric is so thick I know my machine wouldn’t handle it. Perhaps one of the new fangled ones could. Or If a bag was knitted from a very fine guage yarn so the resuting fabric was thin.

Good luck.

Oh how cute is that??? :heart:

Too cute!!! :heart:

:smiley: I LOVE your bag!! Your sister is going to LOVE it, too!!! You are a great sister :wink:

So pretty!

So cute!! And I love the lining! It really adds a nice touch!! :inlove: :thumbsup:

Tooooooooooooooooooo cute! It turned out perfect!